A Blackboard Drawing – #Magic Moments

Today Boo was scribbling away on her blackboard, as she frequently does, when she produced this…

Boo's scribble
Boo’s scribble

Now, speaking as her mum, it’s obviously a masterpiece! A three year old creating such art is brilliant! But, you’re asking me what it actually is, aren’t you…?!

She told me that it’s her, with her baby brother at the top there crawling over her head, and ‘look at our mouths, mummy – we’re laughing because we’re always happy’

This is why for me, it’s a magic moment. I love that she chose to draw her and her brother, and how nice is it to hear that they’re happy? 🙂


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10 thoughts on “A Blackboard Drawing – #Magic Moments”

    1. Thanks! She does love drawing, and will spend time every day drawing or colouring-in. I’m hoping this means she has her daddy’s artistic talents, as I have none!

  1. Wow! That drawing is superb! How old is she in the three year? Nearly 4? That is a super advanced drawing! Trust me- I know what drawings indicate in terms of readiness to write! X

    1. She’ll be 4 in October. She does spend lots of time drawing and colouring and she takes it seriously – no going over the lines! She writes a few things, too, so maybe they’re connected? She loves it anyway 🙂 Thanks x

      1. They’re definitely connected! When a child draws a picture, a teacher can tell whether they’re ready to write! If a child draws a person and the arms and legs come out of a body, they’re ready! If the arms and legs come out of the head- they’re not ready!! X

    1. Absolutely! Made me so happy after one of those trying days (2 children and a dog that weren’t keen on the storms, to say the least..!) It really was a magic moment 🙂

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