A Day at the Lake

Today’s been a little bit different here, because today we stepped back in time when we visited Rudyard Lake in Staffordshire, for their A Day at the Lake event.

a day at the lake view

For one weekend only, Rudyard Lake in Staffordshire is reimagined as it was in the late 1800s as an excursion place for thousands of day trippers who were taken out of their day to day lives by watching spectacular feats and outdoor arts of the age. Rudyard Lake was a key tourist attraction in the late 1800s, a magical place where some 20,000 people travelled to see ‘The African Blondin’s’ dazzling 160 metre tightrope walk across the waters.

Along with the daring tightrope walk across the lake, the stage was home to the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Ensemble, Dry Land Synchronised Swimmers, Victorian Bathing Jugglers and Gabby Young and Other Animals. On land were walkabout performances, storytelling and mesmerising mermaids.

For the kids, there was a Helter Skelter, Swing Boats, bubbles, hula hoops, donkey rides and food, plenty of food available!

a day at the lake helter skelter
a day at the lake

For me, it was fun being surrounded by Victoriana, a little glimpse of life over a century ago, as stall holders dressed the part and entertainers moved amongst us.

I also loved wandering around the vintage stalls at the Treacle Market…

a day at the lake treacle market

a day at the lake gizmobots

As is often the case with a bank holiday, the weather did put a dampener on things, which was a shame as who can control that?! But with two young kids, there’s only so much we could do there, without having to pay extra, as they’re not all that good at waiting around in the rain. So whilst there were acts on the main stage on the lake every hour, they weren’t that easy for them to see and I think waiting an hour to a three year old is like asking them to wait all week! It’s the kind of place that I’d have enjoyed roaming around alone, with lots of money to buy up pretty much all of the market!

It was fun, the kids are full of excited babble about it and it was an experience quite unlike any other we’ve had and so definitely one to remember.

A Day At The Lake continues tomorrow, 2 May 11am – 9pm at Rudyard Lake, Staffordshire with tickets available at A Day at the Lake or to purchase on the gate £14 adults, £7 children, under 3s free).

The Lost Carnival, a large scale outdoor immersive theatre experience is the next adventure from Wild Rumpus from 28 – 30 May at Queen’s Park, Crewe, Cheshire.

Disclosure: We received entrance FOC for the purposes of this post

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