A Day Out With HUGGIES Pull-Ups and a Potty…

Over the weekend we wanted to get out into the fresh air, take the kids somewhere where they could run and run and run, and have fun in a play area. We decided to go to Birches Valley, Cannock Chase.

Now, Little Man has been ‘intermittently’ potty training lately. We’re not going all out as he objects to being pushed on this, but some days, with increasing regularity, he is waking up and telling us he wants to wear ‘big boy pants’, and so we go with the flow. Our day trip coincided with such a day.

I reflected that back when we potty trained Boo this would have been a problem. We would probably have stayed in and missed out on our trip. This time round things are a lot easier, as we have HUGGIES Pull-Ups, and a handy carry potty, which came with us on our outing..

HUGGIES Pull Ups and My Carry Potty

Places like this would be so difficult otherwise, I think. There are toilets near the car park and that’s it. As anyone with kids knows, small bladders don’t give you much warning before they need to ‘go’. The HUGGIES Pull-Ups ensure no accidents on the fairly long journey and then as we walk around, but the learning liner within them still gives a moment of moisture before taking it away, so that Little Man knows he’s had a wee. The My Carry Potty has a leak-proof seal so it can be used whilst we’re away from the toilets, and can then be emptied easily when we return. Phew.

So with all of that in hand, we kicked off with lunch in beautiful surroundings…


Birches Valley has a Superworm trail on at the moment, and as both kids are fans of the book (I am, too, it’s one of my favourites!), we enjoyed making our way around it, along with splashing in muddy puddles, hiding in dens and clambering on various structures. The kids also both found themselves a stick, with Little Man growing very attached to his – it was his Yoda stick?!

birches valley outing

Superworm Trail

We ended our outing in the play area. It’s a fabulous area, with plenty to do…

Birches Valley play area

It was all incredibly easy. We made one potty stop on the way round and changed his HUGGIES Pull-Up pants once. All with little fuss and all made him feel like he was a big boy and doing well. I’m so glad we still managed our day out, as the kids had a blast and the fresh air did us all good.

What’s your approach when potty training? Do you carry on as normal, or do as I did first time round and halt all plans?!

Disclosure: I am a HUGGIES Pull-Ups ambassador

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