A Dinosaur Adventure

We have had another great day out at the National Forest Adventure Farm, this time in the form of a Dinosaur Adventure!

If you’ve never visited them before, as a bit of an introduction, I have blogged several times about our visits to the National Forest Adventure Farm, so have a read through those to get a good look at all that they do there. You’ll see that on each and every visit we have had something different to explore and it’s one of those places that we never tire of going to. As with every single other occasion we’ve been there, the staff are so helpful and friendly, everywhere is clean and tidy, food and drinks are reasonably priced, and the kids have a blast. My only gripe? I wish it was within a couple of miles of our house!

Anyway, back to the reason for our visit this time – dinosaurs!

Throughout the summer holidays, as well as all of their normal activities, they’re having dinosaur fun featuring ‘live’ T-Rex and Velociraptor. This includes a 10 acre dino-themed maize maze, panning for fossils, dinosaur training and raptor run.

To kick off, the kids wanted to go into the mini maze. They were given a sheet each with 6 dinosaurs to find in there, and once found, they needed to stamp them.

Dino Babies Mini Maze

Dino Babies Maze

This was really good fun. There’s something special about roaming through a maize maze and they were both so excited when they spotted one of the dinosaurs. As a treat for completing the hunt, they received a sticker and a lollipop.

There is also a bigger maze to hunt for dinosaur bones, and in addition to that, twice a day a T-Rex and Raptor are in the maze, too!

They then got busy with the fossil hunting..

Fossil Hunting

And they are now fully trained as dinosaur keepers. They know never to approach a dinosaur from behind, how to calm him down and lead him. They were absorbed in the training show and were both keen to meet the star afterwards!

raptor meet

I should point out that neither of my kids have ever really got the dinosaur bug. They’re not into playing with them or reading about them, unlike my now 20 year old nephew who would only play and read about dinosaurs when he was little! The reason I mention this is that even without being dinosaur obsessed, they absolutely loved the theme, from hunting for bones to meeting a raptor, it was brilliant. A great dinosaur adventure for all, and if your little one loves dinosaurs? Not to be missed!

Dinosaur fun aside, there is a barrel ride, egg collecting, sheep racing, animal handling, pony grooming, tractor rides, and then there are the play areas. Oh, the play areas. Indoor and out, the kids are just in their elements when we visit, tearing from one thing to the next.

Soft Play

rock climbing

assault course

They have a huge bouncing pillow which the kids played on for ages, before moving onto the JCB bouncy castle…

JCB bouncy

Action shot! And yes, his socks are absolutely filthy there. When I took his wellies off at the car, I had to empty a lot of sand out of them! Got to be the sign of a great day’s play?

They have also added a new Jurassic Canyon play area, with bones to dig for and discover..

jurassic canyon

jurassic play area

On top of all of this, it is a farm, so there are plenty of animals to see. We love the guinea pigs village, looking at the piglets and ducklings, and the kids both found the chickens to be absolutely hilarious!

Another fabulous day, thanks to the team at the National Forest Adventure Farm.

Have you ever visited?

Disclosure: We received entrance FOC for the purposes of this post, but all words and opinions remain my own

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  1. What a great hands on experience. I have a dinosaur fan although I think his enthusiasm is gradually tailing off, as he gets older. I still think he’d enjoy visiting. I can’t resist a maize maze.

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