A Family Portrait – January 2014

I’ve decided to get a photo of the whole family together here every month, as we rarely take photos like this, and I think it’ll be nice to have. So here we are in January…


I love how suspicious, even a little disdainful, Little Man looks! This was a selfie at home, to get us started, and now I’m already thinking of how we can ‘pose’ and where our February picture can be taken, which is fun to be planning. Be back next month!

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46 thoughts on “A Family Portrait – January 2014”

  1. Ahhh, this is a lovely photo to get you started on your monthly photo mission. Your little boys expression is just adorable. We’ve had the most fun taking monthly family photos for the last year, I just know you will too. Welcome to Me and Mine!!! 😉 x

  2. So glad you are joining in with Me and Mine this year. I am so glad we have a whole year of photos of the 4 of us and that so many have joined in this year. Welcome to your lovely family! xx

  3. That’s a great photo! I’m very much a fan of family selfies, they can be just as good and special as a planned photo shoot style photo.
    Thank for you linking up to Me&Mine x

  4. What a lovely photo and a lovely idea! These will be something to treasure and look back on at the end of the year (and thereafter!) We’ve managed about three photos together since Tibbons was born!

  5. Just lovely 🙂 x

    I have a friend on the blipfoto site that’s trying to do a family portrait every week and being as creative as possible…last week he borrowed gas masks, this week they’re posing as Queen doing Bohemian Rhapsody, great fun!

  6. Such a nice picture! I was thinking a couple of days ago that the last photo of the 5 of us together is…. just under a year old… shame on me! I always seem to end up on the other side of the camera, just because I do not want to miss them doing something cute, but I end up never being in photos. Great idea to make regular family shots! Mel

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