A Free Day Out With The Kids!

Free days out with the kids can be hard to come by, especially when we have so much rain forecast over the holidays. Lots of our go-to free places are outdoors, from feeding the ducks to going to playgrounds to whizzing around on bikes or scooters. But it can be a little trickier when it’s wet, so today I’m sharing what we got up to on Monday, as Subway challenged us to have a day out without spending on the kids. Not easy to do!

We decided to take a train trip into Birmingham as that’s always an adventure and there’s lots to see and do there.

In the city centre, we decided to visit the Museum and Art Gallery. This is completely free, and we like to take the kids there from time to time. It’s interesting seeing how their interest develops as they grow up, having taken them there since they were toddlers.

I’m noticing that Boo is asking more questions now and taking an interest, and because she’s slowing down, Little Man is following suit. In each room we all had to choose our favourite pieces and share why we liked them, and I was surprised to see the kids taking this game quite seriously, they really put some thought into their selections.

There was also plenty of interactive areas to keep them interested and having fun, and there were lots of young children there when we visited.

After a good look round, it was time for lunch. Lunch out is always fun – it’s exciting for the kids and it means I don’t have to do anything! Today was even more exciting as we were off to Subway to try it for the very first time, yes, this was a whole new experience for us!

The kids loved choosing their subs from the counter and watching them being made. The service was speedy, the food was fresh and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. I opted for tuna mayo with cheese warmed up, with a little cucumber to top it off. It was absolutely delicious! I think this will be the first of many Subways for us now, as I’m pleased to have found a new go-to place to grab lunch that we can all enjoy.

At the moment, you can treat yourself to a Six-inch meal deal, and you’ll receive a Kids’ Pak™ entirely free. The Kids Eat Free deal is available in participating stores nationwide until 17th April 2018, GB only, so do check to see whether your local Subway is running this offer. Every Kids’ Pak™ Sub is low fat, low in saturated fat and low in sugars, as well being a source of protein along with forming 2 of your child’s 5-a-day.

Tempted to take advantage of this offer? Find your local Kids Eat Free Subway here.

We rounded off our day by visiting a few toy shops. Having given us a list as long as our arms of things they’d like for their birthdays (which aren’t until September and October, incidentally!) we all strolled back to the train station, happily fed and contentedly tired.

Where are your go-to free days out with your kids?

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