A Great Shopping Experience

This is a ‘credit where credit’s due’ post. We’ve just spent an afternoon out and about, and popped in to John Lewis, Tamworth, on our way home, to pick up a Click & Collect order. It being a Saturday afternoon, a few days before Christmas, I’d prepared myself for mayhem and said to the Husband that he may just have to drive round the car park and wait outside with the kids while I got things sorted. But no, all was well, and we even got a parent and baby spot right outside the shop – a great start!

On entering, Boo immediately found the Bear and Hare..

john lewis1

christmas treeThe shop was busy, but it was very well-staffed, with friendly, smiling staff everywhere on hand to help out. They clearly should be well-staffed on a day like today, but I know that this isn’t always the case everywhere, so I was pleased to see it. We were actually going to collect some Christmas tree decorations that I’d ordered in the sale (it’s a great sale!), as we’d previously bought a fair few of the Forest Festival range, so we knew we wanted more. And clearly, while there, we bought a few more and spotted a last-minute gift, too. I was served immediately at the Click and Collect desk by a lovely lady,  and then went to pay for our other items, and was pleased that there were no queues to wait in, as all tills were open, and each till had two people serving, so that one could package and help.

I left the shop happy, and I was surprised to find, not remotely stressed. Shopping with a toddler and preschooler this close to Christmas, I just didn’t expect anything other than stress! And on driving away, the Husband’s comment was ‘I love John Lewis, but it just makes you want to buy stuff’ – how true!

Have you dared to venture out there today? What did you encounter?

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4 thoughts on “A Great Shopping Experience”

  1. That sounds like the perfect shopping experience! Sadly my trip to Waitrose yesterday was not quite so stress-free but there were plenty of staff, just too many customers and not enough aisle space! It’s so nice when things just work, isn’t it 🙂 Might have to go and check out the sale now…

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