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A Life Lately Update

Today I just fancy a little ramble. I work from home, we’re in lock-down, there are few people I can ramble to! So I thought I’d share a life lately update with you, just checking in with you all. 

Life is at that stage where nothing seems unexpected any more, don’t you think? The word ‘unprecedented’ no longer surprises. 2020 has thrown so much at us, you just have to keep ploughing on, don’t you? There is no other option. And that’s pretty much where I am at, just rolling with it and moving through each week. 

My mum is in our support bubble, so we are still getting to see her. But then we are of course missing the rest of our family, as we all are. 

The kids have managed to go to school every day of this term so far, but I am aware that their bubble could be sent home at any time. They are enjoying school so I’ve just told them to enjoy every day they can while they are there, just in case they have to have time at home at some stage. 

Aside from the school runs, and walking Herbie, I’m at home. Most of my Monday to Friday is spent working, with a smattering of housework and chores and pootling around tending to plants. Weekends tend to be cosy, with lazy mornings, books, games and films. 

plants on stand

I have a lot going on blog and business wise, so I am very busy and it’s exciting stuff.

I’ll go into more details in my monthly blog progress report, but to give you an idea, along with all of the normal content and social media stuff, I am working with someone making changes to the blog behind the scenes and I have switched my shop completely over to my JocelynLovesPaper store on Etsy and I am currently working on more ranges for that.

I have also just launched Bring Back Paper memberships at the end of last week so I have been setting that up and am now going to be busy promoting it and getting fun papery activities and packages ready for my new members. This is something I am really excited about and I have lots of ideas so I’m keen to get going with this new venture. 

At home, along with normal family and house things, I have an eye on Christmas now.

My Christmas food shopping slot is booked (phew!), and I have just about finished getting the kids’ and Herbie’s presents, I just need to sort everyone else now.

We’ll be putting our tree and decorations up on the last weekend of this month, and I don’t think we need anything new, so I think we’re all set. Oh, and I’ve got advent calendars, cards, wrapping paper and so on. 

the beekeeper of aleppo

Life Currently 

Currently Watching: The Alienist on Netflix and I’m a Celebrity

Currently Reading: This month’s Bring Back Paper book readalong, The Beekeeper of Aleppo. 

Currently Listening To: Alexa is keeping me company as I work each day, and at the moment it’s a combo of musicals, country music and 80s pop. 

Currently Planning: Walks with friends and Christmas fun for the kids

Currently Relaxing By: Looking after my plants, lighting candles and walking Herbie. 

So that’s about it. Lots happening with the blog, and then not much happening elsewhere! 

I am looking forward to the Christmas season, in whatever form it might take. It will look unlike any Christmas we’ve had before and there will be lots of things that we can’t do this year or will have to do in a different way. But my focus is on making sure that the kids still have a magical time, and there’s plenty that I can do to make that happen. 

How are you doing? How does your life lately look? 



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2 thoughts on “A Life Lately Update”

  1. I am so over 2020! I can’t wait until the nightmare which is Coronavirus is over. I obviously know as soon as 2021 hits it won’t vanish but I am hoping things are easier.
    That’s good that you are still able to see your mum and the kids have been at school every day. We’re self isolating at the moment after my dad tested positive with the virus. Just a few more days and then we have a little extra freedom.
    I am glad you are busy with your blog and business. Exciting times for you x

    1. Oh, I know! It’s been the strangest of years.
      I do hope your dad is doing well and you all enjoy your freedom soon!
      And thanks very much x

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