A Little One-on-One Time

Boo now goes to pre-school for two days a week, which means that it’s just me and the Little Man for those days. Now, he does like his naps, so I manage to get some work done in the mornings while he sleeps, and then it’s lunchtime and we’re off out after that. Invariably, ‘off out’ means nipping to the shops, the bank, the post office, making cards deliveries, or some other necessary chore.

I’m aware, very aware, that Little Man doesn’t get quite the same breaks that Boo did. At his age, she went to a couple of classes each week and a playgroup. And then there were play-dates, and my life revolved around her life.

It’s not the same for Little Man. I made a point of booking us onto baby massage and baby yoga courses in his first few months of life, neither of which I’d done with Boo, just to make sure that we did have some time devoted to him, just the two of us. We do go to a dance class each week, for Boo, but it is for 1-5 year-olds and I can see that he’ll be starting to join in very soon. And to be honest, he is a happy napper, so a lot of our day can pass with sleep, eating (he’s a happy eater, too ;-)) and dancing and playing together in the house, before it’s time to go and collect Boo.

I don’t really think he’s hard done by. I hope he is not. He has a constant companion, entertainer and playmate in Boo, that she did not have. We go on far more family outings now than we did when Boo was so young, so he’s had many more trips to parks, farms, playgrounds, and holidays than Boo had done by his age. On the three days that Boo is with us, we always get out on ‘an adventure’ together. The playroom is plentiful, he has endless books to choose from, as he can grab both his and Boo’s, and he gets a little more lee-way than his sister ever did, because I’m a little older, a little wiser, a little more tired…!

That being said, I feel the need to treat him as an individual more, rather than having him tag along with whatever Boo is doing. So this week, when Boo was at pre-school, I needed to pop to the shop for a few bits, but this time, I decided to allow a little extra time for our trip. We went to a playground on the way..

littleman on a swing1

He always likes a swing, and is a big fan of a slide (I can’t photograph that one, as I’m too busy holding him on there!). Such a simple little thing, but it was just the two of us, and we’d made the trip solely for his benefit, not Boo’s.

He loved it. I loved it.

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30 thoughts on “A Little One-on-One Time”

  1. Its very apt that you have a photo of a swing there because I was going to say I think its all swings and roundabouts with different children – your little Man is lucky enough to have his sibling Boo to play with, which Boo didn’t have ….and bet there are many little things like that. Nonetheless I bet they are all loved to bits! 🙂 Lovely gorgeous smile in the photo!

  2. Little Man looks like he’s having an absolute ball, sounds like you had the best time. It’s great you have this time together. I find going somewhere on a Monday afternoon with POD (the only day I have her) is great whatever we do. Lovely post, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

    1. It was nice, just the two of us, though strange without Boo! She’ll be at school next year, so plenty of precious time together then! Glad you and POD get this, too. Hope you’ve had a nice afternoon together. Thanks for hosting x

  3. I know the feeling of the second child seems to have ‘less attention’ in some way but as there are 2 children there is also less time. Looks like he loved the park x

  4. Lovely post, I am musing about much the name thing in mine 🙂 I think that, ultimately, each child is different, and they don’t know what the alternative is, they just enjoy the time they spend with you… Because the wee girl isn’t in nursery like the boys were I make sure that we do a couple of classes a week so that she isn’t ‘missing out’, but then she has my undivided attention, which the boys didn’t… As Tas said, swings and roundabouts xx

    1. Thanks. I think you’re right. He may not have my undivided attention as Boo did, but he has a big sister who adores him & plays with him. And yes, he knows no different! X

  5. It’s so tricky making sure the second child has as much attention and energy poured into them as the first. I really struggle with that! But it looks as though Boo’s having a fantastic time.

    1. Glad I’m not alone! I am very conscious of it, but I suppose I have to accept that things will be different for the second child. Not worse, just different.

  6. there is nothing better than quality time, however its just so difficult to get isnt it! so glad your getting some time together my lovely x

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

    1. Thank you. We do have some time, but yes, the key is ‘quality’. I’m going to make a point of planning in a dedicated activity for him on the days Boo’s at preschool. Thanks for hosting x

  7. That balance thing can be tricky can’t it. I felt and still do feel very much like you about my littlest, but I hope it all balances out in the end. I love his face on the swing, beautiful.

    1. That’s what I’m hoping – that it all balances out. Nice to know others feel the same. Thanks – he was loving that swing!

  8. It is difficult isn’t it when you have more than one child. You seem to have to fit your second around your first and then feel guilty about it! I don’t feel like I do as much with my second out of the home, but that has made me more determined to do things with her at home like messy play. I have started going to a couple of toddler groups with her but not like I did with my son. I am sure you do a great job – he certainly looks very happy on the swing!

    1. It’s very different, though I think you’re right in simply creating different opportunities and activities for them. I don’t think he really suffers, as he’s a very happy little soul 🙂

  9. I know where you’re coming from. I definitely did much more with Ben. Even now as he is at school she still really enjoys her afternoon sleeps though we do try to get out and about in a morning.

    1. His sleeps really do affect what we can do, as he loves his naps! I’ll carry on building in little moments like this, I think, until he’s a little less sleepy and we can fit a class in, too!

    1. Thank you – you’re a talented lady building one-on-one time in, too! I suppose being conscious of it makes you plan it more. I’ll try harder 😉

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