A Little Reminder & A Chance To Win…

In case it’s slipped your mind, this is a little reminder that Father’s Day is on the horizon. It’s Sunday 21st June this year.

If you’re anything like me, this means a few gifts and cards need sorting. I have a dad, a father-in-law and a husband that I need to arrange presents for, get the cards in and have the Husband and Boo writing some cards. I suspect Boo will do something at school for her dad, too, as they did for Mother’s Day, so I look forward to seeing what that will be.

What to get is always a challenge. The men in my life don’t really ask for much, and as it was the Husband’s birthday this week, it always comes just after he receives plenty of lovely gifts anyway. I think it’s often about the gesture, isn’t it? Showing them that they are loved and appreciated. A few of our go-to ideas are chocolates, alcohol, clothes, aftershave, and then there’s the whole world of accessories, too.

Hats, belts, wallets, gloves, ties and cufflinks. All must see a surge in sales come this time of year. If you’re struggling for ideas, hit these departments!

So along with this reminder, I’ve a pair of Howick cufflinks available to give away. I’ll struggle to guarantee delivery in time for Father’s Day now, as they’ve only just become available to me to offer you, so I’ve run the competition for a little while longer. But hey, I’m sure there are plenty of other gift-giving occasions you can use them for, or maybe you just want them as a little treat for yourself. To enter the competition, simply use the rafflecopter below. Give-away closes at 12am 13th July 2015, open to UK entrants only.

Howick Tailored Stripe Rectangle Cufflinks

howick cufflinks

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Who do you find to be the trickiest family member to buy for?

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119 thoughts on “A Little Reminder & A Chance To Win…”

  1. In all honesty, my wife, I listen, I make notes thru the year…..and then on the day…. The goalposts have moved!

  2. my partner. he likes his gadgets , but i usaually end up buying something not compatible with whatever he wanted it for

  3. My husband – he doesnt smoke, or drink, or like football… or read….. i usually end up getting him computer games, or clothing

  4. Edward Guerreiro

    Probably my mother. She won’t even give me a hint, she always just says she doesn’t want anything.

  5. My brother-in-law! Every Christmas I buy him a jumper – took a risk last year and bought him a watch (luckily he did need one!) Already trying to think of something for this Christmas….!!!

  6. julie wainwright

    My brother-in-law! Every year I buy him a jumper for Christmas – took a risk this year and bought him a watch (luckily he did need one!). Already trying to decide what to buy him for this Christmas….!!!

  7. Laura-Jane Baker

    My Mum – she always has the exact same expression on her face no matter what I get for her so it’s impossible to tell whether she likes it or not – it’s maddening!

  8. My older brother never seems to open any gifts I get him. I’ve moved on to vouchers to places I know he goes to so that he’ll actually get some use out of them.

  9. My partner! Thankfully at Christmas I got him something he uses every day (a DAB portable digital radio) but otherwise he’s a nightmare to buy for!

  10. My husband definitely, he’s a nightmare to buy for and it gets harder each year. He’d love these to go with his uniform though.

  11. the trickiest is my father as he always says that he doesn’t need anything and his taste is very singular so it is hard to find the right thing for him

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