A Look At My New Home Office

If you read my post about my home interiors plans for 2019 you’ll know that, amongst other things, I wanted to sort out my home office and give myself a new space. It was a room that was part office, part playroom and part guinea pigs home. Well, now it’s just office and guinea pigs home, yes the playroom is gone!

It feels like a milestone moment, getting rid of the all of the kids’ stuff from downstairs. I had a good look through and gave plenty away to charity, and then moved the rest upstairs to the children’s bedrooms. It feels lovely to have it all gone! I then sold a couple of the Ikea Trofast units and drawers to make room for…more Ikea Trofast! But it was for a good reason, you’ll see!

So this is my new-look office now and I love it.

I wanted to create a space for me to work in and also eventually for us to use as a separate room to relax in. At the moment, we all congregate in the living room when we’re all home, but I can see that as the kids grow we might appreciate having separate spaces for when their friends are over or just to do different things. As such, along with my office we have a TV and DVDs in here now. The DVDs and books were all in the living room, but I wanted them moving to make way for the living room redesign (more on that next month, I hope!) and I wanted my books all with me in my office space. This room would be a ‘snug’ I guess.

I re-purposed some of the playroom storage by buying shelves for the Trofast system, replacing the previous toy drawers. This has meant I didn’t need to buy new bookshelves, as these have suited the purpose. I did however buy the unit that the TV is now sitting on, but it was very reasonably priced and just the right size for the screen. It fits all of our DVDs underneath, so I am really pleased with it.

The guinea pigs are of course still sharing the room with me, which I like. They do take up a lot of room as you can see, it is pretty much the entire wall! But we like them to have plenty of space, they are spoilt little things. I’ve yet to repaint the room, but I have decided to leave that until a time when the little pigs are no longer with us. It will be easier to do without the huge cage and it means no fumes for them. It’s not urgent so it makes sense to wait, and it takes the pressure off us with all of the other things we are trying to get done.

I wanted more desk space as the desktop computer took up most of my work space before. I simply bought another table and slotted it alongside my existing table and it works perfectly. It’s a good fit for that wall and gives me the space I need. I have brought my stationery chest in to pop on top of it as this was somewhat hidden in the hallway before and it is beautiful. I then bought some drawers for stationery which fits nicely under the table with the printer atop it.

I did then buy a new chair, as my old chair was quite uncomfortable to sit on and not doing my back any good. I opted for this white chair from Amazon and it’s so comfy. I ordered a grid for my wall, too, whilst buying from there and it brightens up my wall and is really practical for popping reminders up on.

It feels so good to have things as I want them in here now. I feel like I can get more done and I enjoy being in my work-space more. The chair is so much more comfortable than my old chair and the layout of everything just works for me.

What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “A Look At My New Home Office”

  1. It looks like a lovely space. My desk is shoved in the corner of the lounge at the moment, and my desk chair gives me electric shocks, so definitely needs changing at some point.

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