A Muddy Mess

This post is dedicated to the fabulous MudPie Mama. It’s thanks to reading her blog last week, that Boo has been happily entertained in our garden this week.

I do have memories of making mud-pies with my brother when I was little, but for some reason just hadn’t introduced the delights of this to Boo. So one dry day this week, Little Man was safely down for his nap (I suspect he’d eat the mud-pies, so he’ll have to wait a few months before joining in with the fun!), so we grabbed a few bits from her play-kitchen and readied her for dirt – hair tied back, wellies on, and we were raring to go!

She was a little bit tentative at first, not wanting to put her hands in the dirt, but carefully pouring and creating her pies..


But she soon got stuck in, and relished her muddy mitts!


She made 10 pies, as for some reason that was the quantity required that day ?! Here she is in the pie-making process..


And it’s proven to be a popular pastime, as she’s asked to go out there again, so it looks like our little mud-pie making shelf is there to stay 🙂


We also discovered in our first round of mud-pies that she actually didn’t get as covered in dirt as I’d suspected she would, so we’re taking a more casual approach to her attire now…that’s sure to come back and bite me and she’ll probably be running mud through her hair tomorrow…!

Just as MudpieMama inspired me to get Boo making mud-pies, I’m hoping this post passes the baton onto another mud-pie newbie to get out there and get muddy! Is it something you’ve been doing with your kids this summer?

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25 thoughts on “A Muddy Mess”

    1. Your post was fabulous and I know Boo’s extremely grateful that I read it! That’s an activity that’ll be stating firmly put in the agenda from now on, and yes, hoping you can inspire more 🙂

  1. They say messy play is the best play and this certainly proves it – such a simple activity that anyone can set up and away their creative imaginations go. Thanks for sharing your loving mud pie photos with Country Kids.

    1. She had so much fun, and it really was so simple to do. She’ll be out there getting muddy again today. Thanks for hosting #CountryKids x

    1. We prepared well & she was under strict instructions not to come inside without checking with me & removing we wellies!! Great fun 🙂

    1. It’s so simple and so fun and freeing. She does like it and we’ve plans to expand her kitchen out there in the Spring!

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