A Night To Remember

Regular readers may know that this year is the Year of Live Music in our home, with plenty of concerts and theatre lined up for us to enjoy this year. Most of it involves myself and my girl going and enjoying some music together, and last week we definitely had a night to remember.

Last week we went to see Harry Styles, Love On Tour. 

Now, aside from the fact that Harry Styles is one of the biggest names in music right now, having hit after hit, he’s also one of my girl’s favourites. 

If you don’t know this, my daughter is a Directioner. Music is very important to her, and even more important than that is One D and post-hiatus, their solo music and careers. 

Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. She wants to support them all!

Getting tickets to this was one of my priority ‘mum jobs’ of last year. I knew she had her heart set on this, so I registered for presale, got in the queue early, and I was determined. 

I told her I couldn’t get them. She was very tearful when she found out that I did!

She had her tickets for Love On Tour for her birthday last October, and has been counting down the days to it since then (quite literally, she had a countdown on her phone!).

We’ve been to concerts and shows before, but none have been as important to her as this one, so it’s fair to say she was excited.

We’d checked the set list, we had our outfits sorted, parking booked months in advance, tickets at the ready.

And we made our way over to Coventry, for a night to remember.

He came on stage just after 8.30pm as the light was beginning to fade and entertained us all until after 10pm.

I will say this, whether you like him or his music or not, this man knows how to put on a show.

As I live with my daughter, I did know every song he performed and he has many to choose from. Favourites were As It Was, Late Night Talking, TPWK and many more, and then he finished the night with Kiwi, one of my favourites.

He was fabulous with the crowd, every interaction was fun and he had everyone in the palm of his hand. 

My daughter absolutely sang and screamed her heart out.

She knew every single lyric, loved every song, and when he sang a couple of One Direction songs, she was thrilled. Always a Directioner to the very core.

She struggled to talk the following day, it was lucky it was exam week at school so she had hours of silence to allow her throat to recover!

Was it worth the stress and expense of getting these tickets? Without question. Was it worth sitting in ridiculous amounts of traffic afterwards to get home? I guess so!

It was a night to remember, my daughter loved every second of it and one I know I’ll look back on it fondly for years. 

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  1. I have seen so many videos on TikTok of Harry Styles concerts and he puts on such a good show. It sounds like you both had a fantastic time. It came up on my memories on FB it was 9 years yesterday since my eldest and I saw One Direction in concert. x

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