A Perfectly Ordinary Sunday

Last weekend we had one of those Sundays that held nothing remarkable, and yet it felt perfect.

I decided to pop my blog work aside for the morning, and we all had a lazy breakfast, then lounged around watching a movie. Of course, as with my two, even after this, it was still only 9am, so we got cracking on getting a few jobs done. The kids and the Husband washed the car (they LOVE doing this!), whilst I got some housework done and had a big sort out of Little Man’s old clothes. It felt good to get a few things done, so we then had lunch and jumped in the car to take advantage of the sunny day.

We went over to Sandwell Valley, to Forge Mill Farm. It’s a great place to pop to, as there’s a farm to look around, free of charge, a farm shop and a little play area, too.

forge mill farm

forge mill farm 1

forge mill farm 2

forge mill farm 3

forge mill farm 4

There were piglets and lambs, along with cows and ponies and the kids’ favourites, the chickens. Every time they went near them, they squawked at them, which the both found totally hilarious!

We then went over to the in-laws, for our usual Sunday gathering there, which we always enjoy. After that, we took two very happy kids home for dinner, bath and bedtime, and then had a nice sit down ourselves.

It was a perfect, yet ordinary day.

The Reading Residence

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

the ordinary moments

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40 thoughts on “A Perfectly Ordinary Sunday”

  1. Hi Jocelyn, days that just happen like that are the best. Getting to do a bit of everything makes for a perfect day….I wish my two enjoyed washing the car! How did you train them?

    Lovely photos!


  2. Now this looks like a perfect way to enjoy a sunday. a lovely relaxing mix of activities and springtime outdoor fun for the children too. Looks like the farm has lambing well underway and what an attraction to have all free of charge. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  3. That looks like such a great Sunday, relaxed but productive. I wish we had a free to visit farm like that nearby, we’d be at it all the time. The closest thing we have is Pets at Home! x

    1. It’s brilliant, isn’t it? Found it last year, and it’s great to pop to if we’ve a free afternoon now x

  4. I haven’t stopped by for a week or so (or it feels that way, at least) and I can’t quite believe how much Little Man has shot up! Where did that growth spurt come from?! He really does look like a little boy now Jocelyn!

  5. Those kind of sunday’s are definitely my favourite kind. I love those lazy days where everything just goes according to plan. The farm looks great and it’s definitely nice to forget about work and blogging every once in a while- I should do it more often! x

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