A Precious Mum & Daughter Day

Last week, while my daughter was at school, I wrote her an invitation to a mummy daughter day. I popped it in her little post box and waited for her to discover it. When she did, she was so, so happy. I know I could have just asked her, but this felt that little bit more special.

It was to be a day out, just the two of us, with Boo choosing what she wanted to do. We do this from time to time, as I think it’s great for the kids (and us) to have some one to one time with the children. Of course, whilst we were out, it also meant there was a boys day going on, which judging by my Little Man’s happy and tired face when he got home, went very well, too.

I’d say my top tips for this are:

– Send an invitation. Make is special from the outset.

– As soon as that invite lands, ensure you’ve a free day available as they’re going to want to do it soon!

– If you’re saying they can choose whatever they want it, you do need to stick to any reasonable requests – I think you can safely veto trips to the moon and the like!

– A few easy suggestions: Shopping, Park, Cake and a Drink, Library, Cinema, Lunch, Museum, Sightseeing (even just a train/bus trip gets my kids excited!)

– Whatever happens, do not cancel. Do not use as a threat for poor behaviour. This is about wanting to spend quality time together, not a carrot/stick to wave.

Boo wanted to go to the cinema, to a restaurant and do a little shopping – the latter largely because I recently bought her a guinea pig tote bag that she was dying to use!

Making a Mum & Daughter Outing Special

We went to TGI’s, and had lunch with strawberry shakes. We then popped to just a couple of shops – Paperchase and Waterstones. Two of my high street favourites and it’s a delight to see that they are Boo’s, too. She filled a basket up in Paperchase as with her birthday coming up in a fortnight, we were grabbing a few gifts. The girl loves her stationery! And then we were off to the cinema for pic ‘n’ mix and Inside Out. Both were thoroughly enjoyable.

We arrived home shortly before the boys and teatime, so we just had time to go out into the garden and do a little work on a new seating area we’re creating and plant some tulip bulbs. Chores, perhaps, to you and I, but something that Boo delighted in, and it was good to work alongside one another as we planted.

To have a few hours, just my daughter and I, I can see how grown up she is becoming. The point was brought home even more so as we watched the film, with the lead character’s memories of her toddler years fading, her imaginary worlds collapsing as she matures. I see that in my girl. I can more clearly see now the older girl waiting to burst out within her, than I can see the chatty cheeky toddler that I once spent every hour with. Where did she go? I miss her sometimes.

But then I am so proud of the person that Boo is becoming. So thoughtful, kind, bright and confident. Days like this bring it all home. And though she’s definitely growing up, she still sat on my lap for much of the film and gave me lots of extra ‘I love yous’ and hugs throughout our special day. My baby is still in there, I see her.

It was a good day. Thank you, Boo.

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7 thoughts on “A Precious Mum & Daughter Day”

  1. How lovely, it is these moments that you really ‘see’ your child isn’t it. I love our special times too although I’ve not tried this way before of making it an invitation-I like that idea a lot x

  2. Oh! How sweet! What a lovely day. What a relief it is to know that our babies are still there and that it’s a process to grow up and mature, thankfully not an overnight thing! They do grow up so fast. Although it’s also nice to know they are becoming good human beings. It’s bitter sweet!
    Loved the post, as usual!


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