A Star Wars World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day we are taking part in a Star Wars blog tour with Egmont.

Egmont have just released new titles, brilliantly timed for World Book Day and all so very tempting and thrilling for my son. There are the new Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space titles, one of which is an exclusive for World Book Day and can be claimed with the Β£1 token so do grab yours.

Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space

These are paperback fiction,Β aimed at aged 7 and up, though my son is happy to have them read to him and I know they are going to be huge help in getting him reading independently when he’s older.

We then have Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Colouring Book and the Star Wars: Rebellion Tin..

Star Wars Egmont

I know, I know, you want to take a peek inside that tin, don’t you? Oh, OK then…

Star Wars Rebellion Tin

Plenty to keep them busy packed into that tin, including a Millennium Falcon model to make.

Little Man loves the colouring book and he and Boo have made a start on the activity book together. I can see all of these making great presents for kids parties and the Star Wars: Rebellion Tin would be a fabulous gift.

As you know, we do love Star Wars in our house. We’ve seen the films, read the books, played with the toys and now…we have become the characters ready for World Book Day. The kids have a couple of Star Wars costumes already, so I am very used to being shot at by a Stormtrooper or startled by Yoda….

Stormtrooper and Yoda

He would startle you, wouldn’t he? I love that when my daughter is Yoda, she always walks hunched up and bent over, totally in character!

OK, so we have costumes, butΒ at the weekend we decided it would be fun to take it to the next level and see how many other Star Wars costumes we could put together, easily, from things that we already had in the house. We were surprised as we managed to do 4 other characters, and all within the hour including photographing them, so I can assure you that these ones are simple. All no-sew, they just require a little imagination and very eager excitable kids!

For your World Book Day inspiration, I present to you:

Princess Leia

Princess Leia DIY costume

You’ll need a white coat/jacket/bodywarmer, white gloves, white leggings or tights and a weapon! With Leia, it is all about the hair, it’s that that will make it obvious who she is, so get working on those buns!


R2-D2 DIY costume

I think this one is my favourite! Grab some lining paper, cut two arm holes in it and then draw on some R2-D2 panels. Tape your child into it and add a tin foil hat to top it off! He was happyΒ in this!

Hans Solo

Hans Solo DIY costume

This is probably the easiest one to put together. You just need a light top, black leggings or slim fit trousers, boots and a waistcoat or jacket. We also had a ninja turtle belt which we added.

Darth Maul

Darth Maul face painting

Darth Maul DIY costume

He got into character here, as you can see from his frowny face. We used a black bag for his cape and a hat, and of course, my son already owns lightsabers. I think Darth Maul is pretty easy to recognise, and what child doesn’t enjoy a little face painting?

We had so much fun with this. The children loved doing it and I’d recommend it for any Star Wars fans as an activity to get your creativity flowing. Boo wanted to be Chewbacca next, but we were done there!

Do pop over to Lilinha Angel’s World for more inspiration from the next stop on the blog tour tomorrow.

I do now have a set of the 3 Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space books now up for grabs for one of my lucky readers. To enter, use the rafflecopter below. The competition is open to UK entrants only and ends at midnight 16th March 2016. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Who is your favourite Star Wars character?

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Egmont, contains Amazon affiliate links

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187 thoughts on “A Star Wars World Book Day”

  1. My favourite character is C3P0. I love that Star Wars is making a big comeback, although it’s never left our house. My son is a total addict and often shares his novels with me (I’m talking about my grown up son!) I absolutely love your costumes.

  2. C3PO. He makes a great comic straight man. I mean robot. Though Rey and Finn definitely have potential to move up my list.

  3. Phyllis Ellett

    It will be IG-88, ‘It’ has a cameo in The Empire Strikes Back, but it was a great boss in the PC game called ‘Shadows of the Empire’ when I was younger. So is my favourite.

  4. I’ve always loved C3-PO because of his plummy British accent and he definately had some of the best, funny lines in all the films. x

  5. I don’t have one as I don’t like it but my kids (particularly my son) are obsessed. Flynn says his favourite is Obi Wan with no beard and Melody says R2D2!!

  6. Love Chewbacca, my son had lots of fine hair over his body and his name is Matthew so we call him Chew lol

  7. Miss Tracy Hanson

    I was a weird child (well I was 7 when the first film came out) and always wanted a Chewbacca and also an Ewok lol πŸ™‚

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