A Weekend in Bewdley

We’ve had a brilliant weekend here. It kicked off with the Husband and I going out on Friday night, and then we were up Saturday morning and packing for a night away, staying with my brother and his wife down in Bewdley.  To say that Boo was excited to be staying with her uncle and auntie would be a huge understatement!

We got there just in time for some lunch, and then we headed out for some fresh air. We strolled along the riverside, and as it was pretty muddy, Little Man had some transportation issues, that daddy and the uncle had to sort on arrival at our destination – a huge field. It was right by the river, surrounded by trees and empty save a few chirupping birds  – it was clearly made just for teaching Boo Frisbee (while Little Man looked in with a snack 🙂


Game played and enjoyed (and she did take a Frisbee in the face, too – always a potential hazard with these things!), we headed back into town, and clearly Boo was going to favour walking with the fun relatives over Mum and Dad here..


We popped into a pub to warm up and had a few drinks and cakes, and then the inevitable happened, as always will when my brother and I are together – we found the quiz machine..


Clearly, we won little, so it was time to head back, and get the pizzas cooking while Little Man explored (read ‘demolished’) his new surroundings and Boo watched a movie, cuddling her auntie in this pic..


After that, bath and bedtimes for the kids, so that the adults could then be grown up – we ate a ridiculous quantity of crisps, biscuits and sweets (I can highly recommend Drumstick Squashies!).

Up early in the morning, games were enjoyed by Oscar..


Who then felt that we’d invaded his space for long enough and sought refuge in the garden!


So, we thanked our wonderful hosts and left them to it for the day, and headed into Worcester for a few hours of shopping, lunch, and looking round the stunning cathedral that they have there..


It was a lovely weekend, packed full of adventures that left us all exhausted! What did you get up to?

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