AD 3 Tips For A Successful Family Road Trip

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We’re pleased to be working with the team over at MG today, as we share with you 3 tips for a successful family road trip. They got me thinking about driving with children as we took part in their mum vs dad driving challenge, and the results are well worth a look.

There’s no doubt that driving around with the kids has got easier as they have got older, I still remember those days of being unable to explain to a newborn baby that we were nearly there and could they please stop crying. It’s also great that I no longer have to strap them in for each journey, especially in tight car parking spaces. However, it does also mean that they now have their own opinions on our driving skills and how they’d like road trips to be. And yes, there are protests over the music choices. Take a look at this video that the team over at MG put together, where kids share their opinions on their parents’ driving – and yes, my two are there having their say…

3 Tips for a Successful Family Road Trip

Keep everyone comfortable

This is the best place to start. Everyone needs to be comfortable for the journey, so you need to think about things such as your children’s clothing, car seats, temperature inside the vehicle and, ideally, you will want it to be a roomy family car. It’s also worth packing a few snacks and drinks for everyone.

It can be helpful to check in with your kids before setting off and asking them what they might need or want on the journey to make things more comfortable, if they’re old enough to be able to tell you. They might have clothes they’d prefer to wear or they might want to hold onto a favourite soft toy. If they are younger, you can safely say that you will need a change of clothes and wipes, as a lot of things can happen during a few hours in the car!

Plan the entertainment

There are a number of ways that you can stave off the boredom of a car journey and avoid that ‘are we there yet?’ question.

One of the simplest things that you can do is to play a few word games together. My two like playing these and we try to change things up and vary what we play. Here are a few word games ideas if you’re looking for some inspiration.

If the word games have run their course, or you’re just looking for a little peace, you can never go wrong with playing music. Go for something you will all enjoy if possible, though I know this isn’t always the case – I remember well the Peppa Pig CD days. Fortunately, my kids have moved on from nursery rhymes now and we can listen to a wide variety of music. This is made especially easy in a MG SUV which has Apple Car Play and Android Auto integrations in their models.

Make rest stops

If it’s a long journey, it is well worth making rest stops. Your kids are going to want comfort breaks to eat, and to pop to the toilets and stretch their legs. Whenever we travel on holiday in the UK, we always plan in rest stops ahead of time.

Aside from stopping at services, you can take a look and see whether there are any parks and open spaces nearby that you can stop at or any tourist attractions to break up the journey. Whilst it can be handy to plan this one ahead, it can be simple to do when driving an MG SUV as satellite navigation is available (in select models) allowing you to take short detours to wide open spaces or local cafes and all take a break.

What are your family road trip top tips?

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