AD Dietbon Diet Plan Ready Made Meals

Sharing my review of Dietbon Diet Plan Ready Made Meals. 

I received the plan FOC and have been paid for my time reviewing it. 

I will start this post by saying that I have not tried diet plan ready made meals before. I like to eat healthily and I know that when I haven’t been, I need to get back to it. I tend to just go back to basics, cutting out unhealthy snacks, reducing my calorie intake and watching my macros. With Christmas and then a holiday looming, I would like to shed a few pounds, so when Dietbon got in touch inviting me to try the Dietbon plan it seemed like perfect timing and I was keen to give the plan a go.

Dietbon ready meals

Dietbon Diet Plan Ready Made Meals

About Dietbon

Dietbon is a weight loss plan for women, focusing on providing calorie-controlled meals. You receive six days out of seven worth of meals, and you are provided with a handy book with healthy meal suggestions for your seventh day each week. The plan covers you for breakfast, two meals a day and snacks and desserts.

The plan includes support from a dietitian, and once you have reached your weight loss goal they will advise you on the best meal plans in order to maintain that weight.

All of the meals are made from completely natural ingredients and you can have them delivered to either your home or your workplace, on a monthly basis.

Initial impressions

The very first thing that struck me and pleased me is that the meals do not need to be frozen. As a family of four, our freezer does not have loads of spare space just for me and my stack of meals each week, so it was great that this food came ready to just store in a cupboard. I also noticed that everything comes over from France, which was reassuring as French food is always so tasty.

I unpacked everything and sorted through my twelve meals, keen to see what I had as I had been happy for them to send me any selection. They all sounded interesting so I was looking forward to trying them.

In addition to the twelve meals, I had muesli for breakfast each morning, with each portion wrapped separately. I thought that that was a good way of controlling portion size and speeding things up in the morning. I also had caramel desserts, cereal bars as snacks and two bags of tea bags, one for energy boosting and the other for relaxing. Along with the food there was the ‘My Dietbon Guide To Success’ book, which was packed with handy tips for success and recipes to try on the seventh day of the plan, the day that you are free to eat something else.

I felt that there was plenty there to last me for the six days and I was looking forward to trying it.

The dietitian consultation

As part of the Dietbon plan, you do receive a telephone call to have a consultation with a dietitian once a month, at a time to suit you. There are then weekly online group meetings available on an ongoing basis.

The one to one appointment was useful as the consultant talked through how the plan works and then took the time to chat through my own eating and drinking habits, along with my fitness levels. She pointed out where I might be able to do things differently and came up with suggestions around how to change some of my eating habits.

I found it to be a useful addition to the plan and a productive call.

The Dietbon Diet Plan Ready Made Meals

I liked all of the main meals that I was sent, and I received a good variety. Some of them didn’t look particularly appetising but they then surprised me by tasting really nice. I think my favourites were the creamy vegetarian carrot and coconut soup and the roast chicken fillet with mashed potatoes.

When I opened my first portion up I did think that it was small and I didn’t think that it would fill me up, but I was wrong!

All of the meals can be supplemented with salad or vegetables, and I did this on a couple of the evenings. I actually did not feel that I needed more food than the meals provided, but I understand the importance of topping up with salad, vegetables and fruit.


The verdict

My thoughts on Dietbon Diet Plan Ready Made Meals?

I lost 2lbs, so the calorie controlled meals definitely did their job and the plan kept me on track all week. There was not a time that I felt hungry, despite the portion sizes being smaller than the portions that I would normally have, which made it much easier to stick to.

I was impressed with the quality of the food. I wasn’t sure what to expect as they are not frozen and yet all pre-prepared, but I was really pleased with them. I felt like I was eating nutritious, healthy food that was cooked well.

There is plenty of variety in the main meals, and when you add different vegetables and salads to them that gives you even more options. I would be happy to buy these meals regularly, but the breakfast, snack and dessert options were not as strong. I liked the cereal bars and breakfast muesli, but not every day, and I wasn’t too keen on the caramel desserts. I enjoyed the teas supplied and am still having an energising cup of tea each morning as I sit down to work.

Dietbon provides meals and snacks for the six days like this to encourage you to eat three regular calorie-controlled meals a day and help you to establish a healthy eating routine. I have always eaten at regular times and have those three meals each day, so whilst I can see the benefit of this, it didn’t really impact me. That said, it reminded me about getting that balance right so that you do not consume too many calories but eat the right foods to keep you feeling full.

On the one hand, this plan works well for me as I work from home so can easily pop my food into the microwave for a couple of minutes when I need it. I liked knowing that I didn’t need to think about what to have each day and that the food was all prepared for me. I enjoyed the variety of meals that I sampled and it was reassuring to know that they were packed with goodness. However, I cannot justify the ongoing price of the Dietbon plan for just me as it takes up too big a chunk of our weekly shopping budget.

The plan has been good for kick starting my weight loss and for reminding me about portion size and getting the right mix of protein and other fruit and vegetables into my diet. I have been shopping, cooking and eating differently already this week as a result of this, for me and the rest of the family.

If you would like to give Dietbon a go yourself, there is a 15% discount with the WELCOME code at this link as well as a free 28-day Morning & Night detox tea cure.

What do you think? Could Dietbon work for you?

Disclosure: I received the plan FOC and have been paid for my time reviewing it

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