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We are happy to be working with Maped Helix this year, as we are of course a household full of stationery lovers. I am proud to say that I started this trend within the house. You all know what I am like with stationery, and the kids have followed suit. This being the case, when Maped Helix sent us a parcel packed with stationery goodies, they were absolutely thrilled. As was I, and I might have called dibs on a few items before everything else was whisked away to the kids’ respective bedrooms. From browsing the website and looking through our box of stationery, Maped helix do offer a great range of stationery for all, whether you need some for your children or for your office. They do seem to have everything covered.

We received:

Oxford Fountain Pen Rose Gold – Color’Peps Monsters Pencils – Color’Peps Magic Felt Pens – Maped Cosmic Pencil Case – Maped Cosmic Twin Tip Blue Pen – Graph Peps Fineliners – Oxford Colouring Pencils Tin – Maped Cosmic 30cm Folding Ruler – Maped Cosmic Teen Sharpener – Maped Pastel Highlighters – Maped Pastel Duo Connect

I feel that we have received a good range of products, giving us a taster of everything that they offer. The Cosmic and Color’Peps products were well-suited to the children and their stationery needs.

The Maped Cosmic Twin Tip blue pen is one of those pens that has four colours and you can push down to select your colour. In addition to this, it is double-ended, so you can just flip it round to use two different colours without needing to change nibs as you work. I love this! My son has snaffled this one away to his room, he thought it was great.

Both of the kids always like fresh colouring pencils, and these have a fun monster design on them. They have already been popped into the new Cosmic pencil case and they are going to share them as they have put them with their colouring books and supplies, along with the Color’Peps Magic Felt Tips. These were a huge hit, they love them!

The white pens are very effective at quickly altering the original felt tip pen colours and I like that they have supplied two magic pens within the pack. This should save the one from running out too quickly and in our case it also means that they can both use them at the same time. The white pen nibs have, so far, remained white and are perfectly changing the colours. The ends of the pens do show what colour they will change to.

I felt that this bundle was suited to both adults and older children, and I admit that I was hoping to have it all. Not so.

My daughter has been on the lookout for a new fountain pen since her last one was lost so she was very happy to spot the Oxford Rose Gold Fountain Pen. It is such a pretty colour and is nicely weighted making it feel quite luxurious. It writes smoothly and came with a standard cartridge so it will be easy to replace those and keep her well stocked.

I have managed to keep hold of the Graph Peps Fineliners and these are absolutely perfect for using with my bullet journal and planning. I love the range of bright colours and they are great for my lists, grids and doodles.

Now why didn’t I have pastel highlighters when I was studying? They somehow make everything seem so much prettier and calmer than the bright neon colours that you usually get. I am now looking into ways that I can use these on a regular basis. Is it too much to enrol for on a Masters course just to use them? Okay, maybe not, but they are so pretty, I will find a use for them soon.

These are actually very well timed as I was on the lookout for some new colouring pencils. I have a few adult colouring books and to be honest, it’s not something I do very often. Lately, though, I have found myself picking them up more often and the kids love sitting and doing theirs alongside me so I now have a beautiful fresh tin of pencils to use. The Maped Pastel Duo is perfect with them as it is a duo pencil sharpener and eraser all in one and it comes with a spare replacement eraser in the pack.

We are now well stocked up on the stationery front (although, can you ever really have too much stationery? I think not) and the fresh range has put us all into a creative mood so we will be having fun with our drawing, colouring, sketching and writing over the coming weeks. Thanks to Maped Helix for supplying us.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

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