All Wrapped Up!

The time is drawing ever closer. The day that I half delight in, half dread. Yes, I’m taking about Christmas present wrapping day.

I do not like wrapping. I am not very good at wrapping. OK, I’m no good at all at wrapping.

I blame my lack of artistic skills combined with my tendency towards impatience and my non-existent perfectionist qualities. These things do not really add up to prettily presented packages.

Back in the day, when the Husband and I both worked full time before we had the kids, things were different. Oh no, I don’t mean I was more precise or more talented, I mean that the responsibility fell to the Husband who is way, way better at wrapping than I am. I used to prepare the presents, bundle them up, write the tags and hand them over. But now that I’m at home, I feel I should do it, so I do try to make the best of it.

I mentioned at the start there that I half delight in it. I make it something of a tradition as I do all of my wrapping in one session (I just want it done!), with either Christmas music playing or a Christmas film on. I like the feeling and it does make me feel nice and festive, so I just get me head down and get it all done!

Christmas wrapping with Zazzle

The festive session makes it more bearable, along with a couple of other things that I’ve discovered.

  • Having everything ready to hand. I get all of my wrap, tags, tape (do remember to stock up on tape – I ran out mid-session one year and was very frustrated!) and presents together in a pile before I start.
  • Getting great quality wrapping paper. This makes the whole process a lot easier as it means no annoying tears and it makes me look forward to it more as I like the finished effect. Like most people, I do put a lot of thought into the gifts that I give, so it only seems right that I make them look as pretty as I can do, too. For example, this year, for Boo, I have some Christmas guinea pig paper, she’s so excited! The rest of the paper chosen is lovely and glossy, and I have plenty of tags, too, both string and stickers.
  • Ribbon makes everything look pretty. Immediately. Of course, I leave the application of that to the Husband!

zazzle wrap

Wrapping with Zazzle

All of these delights pictured are from Zazzle.

So the day draws ever closer, looming on my horizon. I’m planning to finish my shopping tomorrow, as I’m hoping to grab some good Black Friday deals, fingers crossed. Then when it’s all arrived I’ll pencil in a date and go for it. I like to enjoy Advent and the run up to the big day, so I try to get as much done as I can before then. My Christmas cards are written, the food shopping ordered, little treats lined up for the kids throughout December, so it really will leave just the wrapping. Maybe, just maybe, with my pretty paper and tags this year will be more enjoyable…..

How about you? Do you enjoy wrapping?

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Zazzle

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8 thoughts on “All Wrapped Up!”

  1. I start with the intention of ending with a pile of beautifully wrapped NEAT gifts …probably 5 gifts in i’ve had enough and have to force myself to finish them. I like the fancy wrapping paper, tags, bows and ribbon but my limit is usually paper tag and if your lucky a bow :p.

    I like to use lots of different paper i think it looks nice under the tree. I have seen on pinterest though brown parcel paper with 1 ribbon colour and that looked really good so 1 year i shall try that.

    Music in the background is a must along with many coffee/tea refills.

  2. Hi Jocelyn, it was refreshing to read of someone else who admits to not liking and not being very good at wrapping presents. When the children were young, me and my husband would do it together after they has gone to bed (usually with a Christmas film on), it’s not so easy now as we tend to go to bed around the same time.

    I am pleased to report that I have almost finished my Christmas shopping, just waiting for the last delivery here (Dec 16th) and I will make my gift orders for family in the UK before the 15th (thank goodness for Amazon and their gift wrap service!), but I know what I’m getting, so it’s easy.


  3. Wrapping is a strange thing … I like crafts and Christmas so you’d think wrapping would be right up my street, but it’s not. I always think that I’m going to like it but one present in and I’m bored. Maybe I need to get more creative and I’ll possibly enjoy it more.

    1. Ah yes, with your creativity I’d have thought you’d enjoy it, too. You’ve made me feel better about my impatience with it! X

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