Alton Towers and the #Goodfellasmiler

We were fortunate enough to be asked along to Alton Towers recently, to celebrate the launch of the world’s first ever selfie powered pizza vending machine, courtesy of Goodfella’s Pizza.

The park was absolutely packed, so we didn’t get on many rides, but that didn’t stop us enjoying our day. We’ve been there several times before, both before and with the children (which I wrote about here), so we know our way around. I think this helps, as it is a really big, sprawling space, and very beautiful, too.

Alton Towers May 2014 013

Alton Towers May 2014 021

To me, Alton Towers is the ultimate in thrill rides, with plenty to enjoy, as well as lots for younger children, especially now that CBeebies Land has opened. They also have other attractions, such as live shows, Sharkbait Reef aquarium, and lots of shops, amusements, food outlets and stands to look at. So we strolled, we had ice cream, Boo and the Husband went on a few rides, and then the Husband got to try out the Smiler ride, with it’s 14 loops..

Alton Towers May 2014 018

He really enjoys rollercoasters, and has been on loads, and he is rating this one as one of the best. He says it lasts for quite a long time, which is not always the case, and it’s the perfect balance of fun, fear and adrenalin! The kids liked watching it (I couldn’t capture a shot of him on there, as it moves pretty quickly!) and the ride laughs every so often, which Boo thought was hilarious!

And at the end of the day, we got our pizza! I love that if you’ve had a full day out and are heading home, you can grab this and needn’t think about dinner then! Here’s the machine, just outside the park, and the pizza that we received which comes in a freezer bag..

goodfella's smiler

Oh, and here’s the selfie, courtesy of Boo…!


There are further offers available…

Generously topped with delicious spicy sausage, hot jalapeños and pan-fried onions The Smiler pizza is a tantalising taste experience, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Alton Towers and Goodfella’s have also teamed up to offer 2 for 1 tickets on all Goodfella’s pizzas in the range, as well as 50% of accommodation in the Alton Towers Resort Hotel.

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To be honest, my family are a margerita pizza type lot, so this was a bit too spicy for them, which worked out well for me as I got to eat it all – yum! It was a fun day out, with a novel experience at the end of it, and the husband does fancy another go on that Smiler ride!

Disclosure: We received free entrance to Alton Towers and a pizza, for the purposes of this post. All words and opinions remain my own.


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  1. We went along to this on the Sunday and were so lucky – it was a beautiful day and so busy yet the queues were really short (other than cbeebies land!) So it meant my hubby and my brothers went on all the big rides more than once. The smiler looked terrifying – but I don’t do big rides!

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