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Am I Ready For Christmas?

It’s November, I’m pretty sure that it’s OK to mention Christmas now, isn’t it?

The truth is, I am mentally not in November. I feel that I am still back in Paris in August – if only! 

The first half term back to school absolutely flew by and now here we are in November, with Christmas on the horizon. 

I am not ready for it, and usually I do plan ahead.

I have booked our Christmas food delivery slot, I did that the moment they were released so that’s sorted. And to be honest, I don’t think I’ll think much more about that until it comes around. It’ll just be the four of us and my mum for Christmas lunch so it’s nothing to stress about and it’s an easy meal to cook. 

We have bought a new tree for this year and the kids chose an additional Christmas decoration last month when we were out and about so we’ve nothing more to buy. I’ve just checked the dates and it looks like 1st December falls on a Thursday so we’ll probably put the decorations up the weekend before that. 

I think as far as plans go, that’s about it. And I do use the term ‘plans’ very loosely there!

Oh no, I tell a lie. My brother and I have just agreed a date for our annual viewing of The Muppet Christmas Carol. We’ll get our families together at my mum’s house for that. It’s a big part of our Christmas traditions.

But then that’s it.

Christmas decorations

I have usually made inroads with Christmas shopping by now but so far I have bought just one thing, a gift for my boy. 

The kids get trickier to buy for each year, now that they’re growing older. They have September and October birthdays so have had pretty much everything they wanted or needed in the last couple of months anyway. 

We’ve got my daughter tickets to see one of her favourites in concert next year which will be her main gift. She had Harry Styles tickets for her birthday and it will be Louis Tomlinson tickets for Christmas. The difference being she knows we managed to get the Louis tickets, the Harry tickets were a complete surprise. 

I do like to surprise the kids, so everything else she has will have to be a surprise now. I’ve a few ideas.

As I write this, I am thinking I should start putting a list of ideas together for them, something I’ve usually already started by now. 

I know I have Christmas cards in and ready to write, so I’ll just set aside some time later this month to write those and get them sent out. 

Then I do like to book some sort of festive trip or treat, and I am drawing a blank. 

My girl is no longer interested in anything Santa-related, but my son is so I need to find something to suit them both. Still pondering that one, I hope inspiration strikes me soon.

We’ll get a date in to have a festive cinema trip with friends as we do that with them every year. We need to check out what’s coming out at the cinema over Christmas, though the kids love films so aren’t that picky. It’s more about seeing their friends. 

We’ll take a trip out for a walk and a hot chocolate, the four of us and Herbie, on Christmas Eve and then return home for a Christmas film afternoon. After the kids go to bed, the Husband and I always watch It’s A Wonderful Life. The best Christmas film. 

Do you know what? As I am writing this I am realising that the reason I am behind in my planning this year is because I can be.

We have a nice handful of ingrained traditions that I know will just happen and make the festivities magical for the kids. 

Gift buying can wait, I know everyone I buy for well so I think I could be one of those ‘get it all done in a day’ shoppers this year. I really do. 

I’ve got this. I thought I hadn’t, but it turns out I have. 

I’m going to agree a cinema date with my friend today, find something Santa-y to book us into and draft up a list of gift ideas. Christmas sorted. 

The best holidays are the ones that actually feel like holidays, aren’t they? No stressing this year, I’m just going to enjoy it. And eat lots of mince pies. 

Are you ready for Christmas?

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2 thoughts on “Am I Ready For Christmas?”

  1. It’s amazing how quickly Christmas comes every year. In 2020, I wanted to get back to making cards to send out – both that year and last I did get a few out, but not as many as I had hoped. I am hoping to set aside some time this weekend to make some. One of the things that I like to do with my girls is pick a night in December where we watch The Polar Express. We dim the lights, I make candy cane hot chocolate and we watch the movie in our pajamas. It’s our own quiet little tradition. We might even make a bunch of cookies to deliver to friends and family again like we did in 2020 when everything was locked down. The girls loved bringing homemade treats to drop off on doorsteps. We have also made ornaments as gifts in the past. Whatever we do this year, we will enjoy it all!

    1. It is, this is so true! These sound like such lovely traditions, all sure to make your Christmas magical. I hope you’ve managed to get some cards made and that you all have a lovely Christmas.

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