Amazing Guinea Pig Homes!

As you may know, we have two guinea pigs here, Jessie and Leia. In theory they belong to the kids, but let’s be honest, they are mine! They live in an indoor C&C cage and I spent a lot of time looking into the best homes for guinea pigs before settling on this. I want to ensure they have the right home and cage and I love looking into some amazing guinea pig homes whilst researching! 

We like our guinea pigs being inside with us because it means that they get plenty of attention from us.

I know plenty of owners are no doubt brilliant at going outside and spending time with their pets that way, and then bringing them in to play, but for us I suspect the kids would almost forget about them if they lived outside so having them with us all the time means we enjoy them more and the piggies get plenty of love.

As I like to treat them, I do spend a fair bit of time checking out some amazing guinea pigs homes for inspiration, so if you’re looking for ideas for your guinea pigs’ cage, do read on…

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Guinea Pig Indoor Cage Set-Up

A couple of months ago, we moved them to a new cage, after I rearranged our back room which now functions as a playroom, my office and our guinea pigs home…

Guinea Pigs C&C home

They have lots more space than they did before and are clearly very happy in there.

This is a 2×5 C&C cage, measuring around 75cm x 190cm, so it’s a fair old size. As you can see it’s also off the floor and open so they are nice and accessible for us to give them a stroke and a cuddle.

They have a few hidey areas and tunnels, along with that other guinea pig favourite – lots of food and hay! They’re bedded on soft fitch paper bedding which they seem to find comfortable and I find easy to manage.

I know that this is a bigger home than many guinea pigs have, but for me, it’s still not enough for them. Not when I spend time (OK, I admit, a little too much time!) scrolling through Pinterest where I see some amazing guinea pig homes, the sort that we can but dream of!

So for your inspiration if you’re a piggie owner or just your enjoyment if you’re not, here are a few of my favourites that we can aspire to.

guinea pig homes


Amazing Guinea Pig Homes

All of these homes and images are from Instagram, so you can click on them to be taken straight to their Instagram feed and see more pictures of guinea pigs! 

This one looks so cosy. There’s also plenty of space and huge amounts of hay to nibble on.

This one is very big! Lots of space for them to run about and plenty of hidey holes for them too.

This one is simply magnificent! I like the separate ‘rooms’!

Comfortable, cosy and spacious

A summer home set up

This one is all set up with separate areas

This one looks fun to explore. If you click on it, there is a full cage tour video

This one makes me smile, as they all get popped in!

This one includes books and plants too, genius!

Which home do you like best? Do also check out my Guinea Pigs Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Guinea Pigs Cage Furniture

Whichever home you decide to opt for, do ensure that it gives your guinea pigs plenty of space, things to do, healthy food to eat and places to hide. These are our favourites for our guinea pigs, if you are looking for recommendations:

Guinea Pig Complete Food
Guinea Pig Forage Cube
Guinea Pig Large Dome
Guinea Pigs Large Log House
For bedding, we tend to stick with Megazorb or Fitch.

And hay, lots and lots of hay for them to play in and eat.

If you’re just thinking about getting guinea pigs, then do read 6 Reasons Guinea Pigs Make Perfect Family Pets and 5 Things to Consider Before Getting Guinea Pigs.

For guinea pig owners, these are our Best Buys For Guinea Pigs.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

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    Hey, i was wondering how you made yours ? I absolutely love what you have done! Could you link me what you used and and any tips you may have. First time guinea pig owner here and cage we have is kinda small

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