An Arty Autumn Outing

We had a ropey start to our week. Little Man had had his MMR jabs, and then, as I understand often happens, 10 days later he was not himself. He woke crying in the night at 2.45am, and then barely slept after that. Suffice it to say I was a little tired, too!

It was a Monday, which is our lazy day. It’s the only weekday we have with no pre-school or groups to go to. He actually wasn’t too grumpy when he did get up, and ate all his food up as normal. He had a good long nap in the morning (while Boo painted and did her Reading Eggs), so after lunch I decided we’d best get out.

Now, the thing that I’d like to point out here, is that 2 months ago, we’d have stayed in. If you read my post yesterday, you’ll know that blogging and reading other blogs has changed the way we do things round here, very much for the better. And I am so pleased about that, as by getting out and taking in some fresh air, we had a really wonderful time.

We decided to go to our local park and get creating some Wild Art. I’d read about it over at Here Come The Girls and thought it looked just the sort of thing that Boo would enjoy. I was not wrong! While she was getting stuck in, running about the place collecting twigs and leaves, she kept telling me what a ‘great activity’ it was – bless her! The most entertaining thing for me was that when I suggested she grab some leaves (we were totally surrounded by them, of course), she ran to the other side of the field to collect them – why?! Here’s what she got up to…

tree art collage

It was so sweet watching her make her tree, as because it was a windy day, she placed each and every leaf stem carefully underneath the twigs to keep them from blowing away.

And though we’ve been going on plenty of outdoor adventures, Little Man had yet to walk about with us, as he’d either been shoe-less until recently (here’s the wonder that was shoe day) or he’d been sleepy. So this was his moment, and boy, did he enjoy it! As soon as I popped him down onto the ground he was grabbing leaves and twigs with such excitement it was so fabulous to see.

little man's joy

And after we’d weaved our magic with our art, there was just time to go and have a little fun in the playground 🙂

So Wild Art – have you tried it? Boo would definitely recommend it!

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31 thoughts on “An Arty Autumn Outing”

  1. Oooh… This is a fabulous idea! We might have to give it a go tomorrow afternoon! There’s something lovely about being outdoors this time of year, isn’t there?! Thanks so much for linking up with #SavouringtheSeason ! Claire xx

    1. It’s just lovely out there & my daughter really enjoyed doing this – hope you all have fun, too 🙂 Thanks for hosting

  2. Oh wow that looks amazing! Go Boo!! Hope the little fella is on the mend now, the after effects of the MMR are often nasty but very short lived thank goodness #letkidsbekids

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