An Open University Update

As regular readers will know, I’ve recently resumed my studies with the Open University. The term officially started at the beginning of October, so I am now a couple of months into it, so it feels like a good time to let you know how I am getting on.

I have one school day a week that I use for studying, when Little Man goes to my mum’s for the day after we drop Boo off at school. It’s certainly not as much time as I’d like to have, though I am managing to stay on track so far as I started the course a month early when my books arrived. This was definitely a good decision as I’ve not felt under too much pressure that way. I’m having no trouble getting through the set blocks and texts, but I would like to have more time for extra reading around the subject.

I have had my first assignment back and I was pleased with the mark and the tutor’s comments were positive and constructive so that has kept me going. I sent in my second assignment last week, though it was a week early. The waiting for the mark is a painful time! I’m expecting to hear about it just before Christmas so I am hoping it’s good news, but I suppose if it isn’t I do have the distraction of Christmas! My third piece isn’t then due until the third week in January as they allow for a break over Christmas, but I’m hoping to still get a little studying done to keep me running that little bit ahead.

I’m currently on the third block of the six that I’ll need to complete for this module, and I am absolutely loving it. It’s one of my favourite periods of history, covering the British Civil Wars in the seventeenth century. I am devouring all things Charles I and Cromwell and am very happy doing so! I even managed to get a bit of studying in whilst with the boy last week, me with work on lap, him engrossed in the Incredible Hulk…

OU study time

It was fun and a nice way to squeeze a little extra study time in. We will be using the Hulk again!

I was also really pleased to see a new module on offer within the History department due to start next year, Early modern Europe: society and culture c.1500-1789. I will be eagerly awaiting for registration to open on this one (I’ve made a note in my planner!) as I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to go for next year until I spotted this and it feels like a given. It’s a time that fascinates me and it makes sense to me to build on the knowledge that I already have of the period and learn so much more.

So I’d say that at this stage, part way through the third block, I am really enjoying it all. I am very happy I decided to go for it and I am pleasantly surprised by how well I’m taking it all in (so far!) and working it around everything else. Long may this feeling continue…..!

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19 thoughts on “An Open University Update”

    1. Ah, most of my favourite books are set in the early 1800s, though I know more about the 15-1600s! I absolutely love it, thank you x

  1. It sounds fantastic, I’m so glad that you are enjoying it and taking it in. That would be my worry too that I couldn’t retain any information, haha! I would love to go back and learn something new though, I really take my hat off to you and I think it’s amazing xx

  2. Well done on your first grade and glad to read that you are enjoying it! I started a Law degree with the OU in October and am now anxiously waiting for my results for TMA02, I’ll be posting an update shortly.
    Love the fact that the Hulk allowed you some time to get some extra studying done!

    1. I’m loving it, glad to hear you are, too. My second TMA is back and I’m pleased with it, hope you will be, too. Ah yes, the Hulk helped me out!

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