And you thought Elf on the Shelf was creepy…

We’ve had our Elf on the Shelf for the past couple of years, and the kids absolutely adore him. Marty, his name is, and he arrives on the 1st December each year. The children are keen for his arrival, and each and every day when they wake up, they’re eager to rush downstairs to see where he’s moved to over night. That’s how it works here, with him popping to the North Pole in the night, but back by dawn, and it’s really about the kids having him in the house. I know some people like to do it as the tradition intends, and the elf reports back on behaviour to Santa. We don’t do that here, but each to their own.

As I talk about our elf each year on social media and here on the blog, I am very aware of a certain amount of hostility directed towards these little creatures. People think that they look a little creepy and that the idea of elves reporting back to Santa is mean and abhorrent. Poor children, eh?

But as we revolt against this little elf, have you stopped and taken a look at Krampus?


Krampus is often portrayed as half-goat, half-demon, hairy, horned and with cloven hooves. He’s quite the looker, isn’t he? This image is from a card that I have, and my daughter hates it!

Krampus, according to traditions, behaves in contrast to St Nicholas as he punishes children who have been bad at Christmas time. And when I say punish, I’m not talking about taking presents off them, I’m talking trawling around with a rod and a sack in order to kidnap ‘evil’ children for drowning, eating, or transporting to Hell. Good times.

Now I’m thinking that this is a tad more scary to kids than going on Santa’s naughty list or having an elf in their house. What do you think? I suspect it would have terrified me as a young child, I would have been golden throughout December!

As I was Googling and finding out all about this ancient tradition, I also discovered that there’s a movie coming out soon all about him….

As a horror fan, and someone now fascinated by Krampus, I’ll be watching. You?

‘Tis the season to be happy and joyous…..

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22 thoughts on “And you thought Elf on the Shelf was creepy…”

  1. Oh my goodness that is the scariest thing I think I have seen, no wonder your daughter hates it! Our elf doesn’t report back to Santa either, he just gets up to a little bit of mischief. Although we hope he has recovered from breaking his arm last year!

  2. No I won’t be watching that new film! But I definitely think we should bring back Krampus to scare the bejeesus out of kids at Christmas. Get them to really earn their presents!

  3. OK, definitely a lot scarier than any little elf whether it’s reporting back to Santa or not. There are certainly some adults that misbehave at Christmas time that could do with a visit from Krampus.

  4. If I have nightmares tonight I’m blaming you….hehehe I watched the trailer and it isn’t one for me but my fella would love it.
    My little elf looks positively adorable compared to that thing. lol

  5. Now that is creepy. But as a horror fan, I might just have to check this out. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I do like elf on the shelf, but we don’t have the traditional one. x

  6. I haven’t heard of Krampus before, but I can tell you now that I won’t be adding that film to the list of Christmas films to watch, I don’t like scary films and just a look a your card makes me shiver let alone a whole film.

  7. Flipping heck he looks so scary. I didn’t know he existed but I’m definitely not watching the movie. I may have a peek at the trailer. I’m a proper wimp when it comes to horror movies!

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