Another Year Older

It’s my birthday today. 

For the first time since the Husband and I got together, we’ll be spending my birthday apart. His work commitments have beckoned! 

I think when he’s back, tonight will involve opening gifts, a film and a cake. Oh, and gin. Not a bad Monday at all. 

I don’t really think about getting older. It’s certainly not something that bothers me. Having lost some friends too soon, growing older is a privilege. 

I do tend to have a little look back over the year at this point, though, and think about what I might like the coming year to be like. 

Over recent years, I have been able to look back and spot accomplishments or activities that have set the year apart.

When I look back over the past 12 months, I don’t see as much. In recent years I have been able to point to my studying, achieving my degree, wonderful holiday adventures, getting and training Herbie, pivoting my work here and developing new business streams, projects around the home and so on. Whereas, what’s changed since last June? Not as much, tangibly, yet I feel it’s been another year well spent. 

When I think of this year, family has dominated.

My niece was born a couple of weeks before my birthday last year and she has certainly played a part in my year. We’ve loved seeing her grow and spending time with her on various days out and mini breaks. 

My son has absolutely flourished this year, his sporting activities taking over so much of his time, and then in turn mine!

And I think, most importantly, my daughter left her beloved primary school and embarked upon her secondary school journey. 

Seeing her go through all of that, along with maturing and adjusting to new independence and relationships means that supporting her has definitely dominated this year. 

And then I guess there have been other smaller things.

Completed house projects, memorable breaks, wonderful days out and so much walking! Oh, the walking I have done this year! 

This coming year, we have a few plans for our home, we have some holidays to look forward to and I have a couple of business ideas I am hoping to develop and launch. 

Recent years have taught me not to plan too much, as we really never know what’s round the corner, do we? We all get that! I think I’ll frame them more as ‘hopes’ than ‘plans’ and then I can see how I get on. Taking each day at a time. 

So, this is 45. Let’s see what this year will bring. 

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4 thoughts on “Another Year Older”

  1. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. It does sound like you’re going to have a good Monday. It doesn’t sound like much has changed over the last 12 months but what has is wonderful. It sounds like the kids are doing brilliantly. x

    1. Thanks very much! And thanks for that, they do seem happy and that’s all we can ever ask as parents, isn’t it? x

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I agree – getting older doesn’t bother me either. I am more than happy to share my age with others (I hit 47 this past April) as I earned every one of those years and look forward to as many more as I can get! Sounds like you had a lovely day (and year). Here’s to many more wonderful moments ahead! xxx

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