Are Designer Brands the Key to Successful Sustainable Fashion?

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If you want to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle, start by considering how you consume fashion. Today, fast fashion is all the rage and it’s easy and affordable to get a new outfit every week, but is it sustainable? The answer is, quite simply, no. Fast fashion is one of the biggest contributors to the environmental crisis with clothes that are cheaply made from products like plastic, along with factories that are constantly polluting the air and the surrounding environments. And, that’s before considering the issue of the cheap labour that is often used overseas to quickly produce cheap fashion items that are sold in their thousands.

So, what’s the solution? Designer fashion might be more expensive to buy initially, but it can be a far more sustainable option and over the long-term, you might even save money. If you tend to wear the same clothes for a long time and don’t need to get a new wardrobe every month, it might be worth considering investing some more into the pieces that you buy.


Unlike fast fashion which often uses low-paid overseas workers in cramped conditions to produce clothing, designer items tend to be made with more care and better-quality craftsmanship. Whether you are buying clothing or accessories, you can be sure that the people who have made your product are doing so in a better work environment and earning a living wage. Some designer fashion items, like watches and shoes, require specialist training to make and years of training to get just right.


Compared to fast fashion, designer fashion is going to last you a very long time. Fast fashion items are not made to last; they are made to ride out the latest trends before they are thrown out and replaced with more fast fashion. If you’ve ever bought cheap clothing and noticed that the stitching starts coming undone or the colour begins to fade after a matter of weeks, you will know exactly what we mean. On the other hand, designer fashion is made from higher-grade materials and goes through several quality checks before it is available to buy, guaranteeing you an item that is going to last you for a very long time with the right care and maintenance.

Less Waste

Another benefit of designer fashion when it comes to sustainability and environmentally friendliness is the fact that when you buy designer pieces, you are less likely to throw them away, and won’t be contributing as heavily to the world’s problem with waste. Right now, landfills are overflowing the world over, and fast fashion is a huge part of the problem. Since it is so cheap and easy to access, once people are done with fast fashion, it’s easy enough to throw it in the bin and forget about it or take it to a charity shop where it will be disposed of if it’s not sold in a certain timeframe. However, spending money on designer fashion means that you will be less inclined to simply throw it away if you do not need it any longer. Designer fashion items are more likely to be successfully sold on, especially if they have been well taken care of and are in great condition.

Choosing Designer Pieces

It’s clear to see that buying designer fashion is key to being more sustainable with your lifestyle. If you want to make the switch from fast fashion to designer fashion, spend some time thinking about the pieces that you want to invest in and remember that they are meant to last you for a long time. You might want to consider creating a capsule wardrobe, where you can mix and match your designer pieces to create different outfits and enjoy a more minimal, clutter-free space too. Set your budget for the pieces that you want to invest in, whether it’s a pair of designer shoes for everyday wear or you want to look picture perfect with the Rolex Day Date to pair with your outfits and add that finishing touch of luxury. You can find the Rolex Day Date and several other luxury watch options to explore at CHRONEXT, a luxury watch retailer.

Care and Maintenance

Last but not least, consider the care and maintenance of your luxury items to ensure that they last you for as long as possible. Each item will be different when it comes to the type of maintenance that it needs to stay in the best condition and work well, so do your research and learn how to best take care of your designer pieces. For example, a watch might need regular services or certain designer clothing items should only be hand-washed. It’s worth looking into this before you buy and consider how much work you want to put into regular care.

Fast fashion is a huge contributor to environmental issues around the world. If you want to be more sustainable with your fashion choices, luxury brands are key.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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