Articulate & Articulate for Kids Giveaway

Oh, this one’s good! I have a copy of Drumond Park‘s Articulate and Articulate for Kids to give away to one lucky reader!

If you’ve not played Articulate before, then you’re in for a real treat. I love board games and play lots of them, and I can honestly say that this is one of my very favourites.

Articulate: How quickly can you describe a word without actually saying it? Speed is of the essence in this fast-thinking, fast-talking game – the more words your team can guess from your descriptions in 30 seconds, the quicker you’ll cross the finishing line. And that’s without saying ‘rhymes with’ or ‘sounds like’.

Articulate uses 6 categories of words, so you could end up describing anything from a kettle to a country depending on which category you’ve landed on from Object, Nature, Action, World, Person or Random.

Articulate Game Board & Cards

We played it again last weekend, at my mum’s house (where much of the family game-play takes place!) with my brother and his wife. As Little Man was having his nap, Boo wanted in on the game. She had the important role of moving the pieces and she did get a couple right, too, much to her delight! She was on her auntie’s team each time, and we all had a lot of fun.

articulate game play

I like words and language, and fast-thinking, so this was always going to be a hit with me, I guess! There’s a fair old dose of general knowledge thrown in there, too, as you do need to know about the word you’re describing to be able to do so! That’s all part of the fun, though, and if you or your team don’t know much about ‘Ice Station Zebra’, then how else can you describe it until they get it?! It’s all up against the timer, too, with the additional fun of the spinner thrown in, so you can be moving forwards or moving opponents back with that little extra. It’s fast, guaranteed to have you laughing and a great one for any and all to join in. I’d definitely recommend it.

And now, as well as the brilliant original Articulate, there’s Articulate for Kids!


Articulate for Kids (ages 6-12) can be played by a group of children by themselves (or with grown-ups), or alongside Articulate! for hours of multi-generational family fun. Many educationalists also choose to incorporate the game into entertaining learning strategies in the classroom to promote speaking skills – adapting game play according to small or larger numbers of children in play.ย 

With words such as The Gruffalo, Giraffe, Raindrop,ย Easter Bunny and Sleeping, it should test the kids, but they should be able to ‘articulate’ them. With Boo coming up to 5, she’s nearly ready for this one, and I suspect she’d give it a good go anyway. One for the Christmas list, I think!

And now, as promised, I do have a copy of each game available to give away to one lucky reader. Simply use the rafflecopter below to enter, open to UK entrants only, and it ends 30th September 2014.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

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97 thoughts on “Articulate & Articulate for Kids Giveaway”

  1. All my four children would enjoy playing these together with me! I love board games, especially during the Winter months when the kids are reluctant or cannot play outside – it keeps them away from computers, tablets, XBoxes and the tv and it encourages them to play nicely together!

  2. I love that these sorts of games really get your mind working! I think kids playing is a great idea; they’ll be a walking thesaurus before you know it!

  3. I can remember all the fun I had with family board games days when I was a kid. Haven’t sat down a played a proper board game for a while and I have never played Articulate but it looks and sounds like so much fun. Perfect way to spend weekend afternoons indoors now that the ‘summer’ weather has gone.

  4. Hilda Hazel Wright

    Its good for family interaction and fun, I don’t like the idea of constant TV or computer games at all! Having a proper family games night is an occasion!

  5. Stephanie Whitehouse

    Perfect for winter sunday afternoons – they create that lasting family memory of doing nothing much together

  6. I love that everyone can join in and have a laugh. I love board games as computer and mobile phones seem to be taking over the world and making everyone really antisocial

  7. It means there is engagement from the children, not just half watching what they are participating in – half watching tv!

  8. It gets everyone’s brain working in a creative way and brings a group of people together socially, much of which would be missing from sitting in front of a laptop/mobile device.

  9. Emily Jayne Phipps

    I loved board games as a child, and still do as an adult – great family fun, and gives a lovely way of spending quality time together – which is not expensive!

  10. that my son and daughter can play them together, they have quite a big age gap between them but will both happily play board games together

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