Articulate For Kids Review & Give-Away

We’ve recently been sent Articulate for Kids from the lovely team a Drumond Park, so Boo and I have been having fun with it…

articulate for kidsArticulate for Kids – The Fast Talking Description game!

Articulate – the spectacularly successful description game can now be played by kids as young as 6 and as old as 12. This game can also be played with the adult version.

Articulate for Kids is the same fast moving, lively, gripping fun as the adult version. Played in teams, the idea is to describe as many card entries as possible to your team mates in 30 seconds without giving “begins with” or “sounds like” clues.

Compiled by an educational specialist there are 336 cards with over 2,000 entries in the same six categories as the original Articulate! Complete with it’s own board it can be played alone or along with Articulate! So there’s no escape from all those fast talking kids.

For 4 – 20 Players
Ages 6 – 12

If you’ve played the adult version of this game (which I reviewed here), then you’ll find that this one works in the same way, it’s just that the words you have got to ‘articulate’ are more child-friendly.

For those of you who are new to Articulate, it’s fab! It is one of my favourite games, and it’s great that we now have this version so that Boo can more easily get involved, too. The object of the game is to describe the word on your card to your team mate, without saying it of course. There are six categories, World, Object, Person, Action, Nature and Random, and for every one you get right, you get to move a place around the board. It’s fast as it’s against the clock, and it doesn’t take that long to play, so a good one for grabbing and playing to fill a little time, without feeling you’ll be there all night!

articulate for kids set up

It is actually a game for two or more teams, which is a lot of fun, but we’ve been regularly playing with it, just the two of us. Boo is yet to play tactically , so she doesn’t attempt to sabotage my turn in any way! It’s a more grown up game than many of the other games she has, which I think adds to the appeal and she enjoys setting it up and moving us around the board.

articulate for kids with Boo

At 5 years old, Boo is a little younger than the recommended age for this, but I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy playing this game with her. Over half term, every day when Little Man napped, Boo would ask to play this with me. I see how well she can read with this, and how much she understands and has learned about the world around her. I find it fascinating how she chooses to describe the words to me, stretching her vocabulary and giving me a little insight into the workings of her mind. She often surprises me by how she knows, too, which is rather lovely.

We love this one, and I cannot see us tiring of playing it.

I do have one Articulate for Kids board game to give away to one of my lucky readers. To be in with a chance of winning it, enter using the rafflecopter below, including letting me know what you like about the game. The give-away is open to UK entrants only and closes at 12am 6th July 2015. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
What do you like about Articulate for Kids?

Disclosure: I received this game FOC for the purposes of this review, though all words and opinions remain my own

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107 thoughts on “Articulate For Kids Review & Give-Away”

  1. I love the fact it doesn’t take long to play – as my kids get bored and restless if a game takes ages!

  2. melanie stirling

    I think that it would be good fun for the adults to hear their children describe things,it could be an eye opener!

  3. I love the adult version of Articulate so I’d love to play this version with my daughter who shares my passion for the English language and has her birthday coming up soon!

  4. Its a game we play as adults and for the children to be able to expend their vocabulary in a fun way is great

  5. If it’s anywhere as good as the one for adults it will be a fab game, Articulate is a family favourite for us.

  6. Hi Jocelyn, I’ve never heard of the game Articulate, but it sounds a little like the game Taboo, which we used to play when the children were younger. Any game that is educational and fun (and doesn’t drag on for hours) is tops in my book.

    Good review.


    1. Yes, I love Taboo, too. It is a bit like that, though I prefer this one. You’re right there, it ticks all the boxes! Thanks x

  7. Judith Luscombe

    Its suitable for a wide range of ages and is educational and ideal to get the family together for some enjoyment and laughter

  8. My nearly 8 year old seems to have got less articulate as he’s got older so I think it would be humorous as well as educational to see him try this game. I reckon he’d love it.

  9. Christine Lockley

    We love board games so this would be fab to add to the cupboard, it would be educational and fun at the same time – the kids wouldnt realise they’re learning too 😉 Great for learning new words and descriptions

  10. We love to play games together as a family and this is fun and educational so will keep everyone happy. Thank you!

  11. Vickie Jackson

    I think it’s a game that would really help with kids confidence and I think it would help my son with his stutter

  12. Jonathan Mason

    This is great for increasing my nieces’ vocabulary, and doesn’t take too long to play, so they don’t get bored.

  13. I think it will be a great way to bring all the family together after a lovely Roast Dinner on a Sunday. A great way to learn while still having fun.

  14. I love that up to 20 players can play. This would be great for Christmas Day with everyone round and would get everyone involved 🙂

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