As Autumn Ends…

We’ve absolutely loved autumn here this year. I feel like it’s the first time that I’ve really embraced the changing of the season, as I’m definitely a warm weather kind of woman, and I can get annoyed when the sunshine leaves me! But, we’ve got out and enjoyed foraging for blackberries, leaf hunts, created some wild art, kicked leaves, jumped in puddles, and I’ve found the changing colours of the trees around us to be so beautiful. And perhaps, as well as our family fun, Project Garden has influenced me this year. Having not been very interested in gardening until this summer, the shrubs and flowers out there were ignored really as soon as the colder weather came, but now I find myself looking out at them, watching their changes and I’ve even been out there gardening – it’s shocking, I know!

So today, I share with you the signs that my garden is giving me that autumn is now ending, and winter is drawing in..

Garden 26th Nov 2013 001

Garden 26th Nov 2013 005
Garden 26th Nov 2013 006But, as I have decided to take more of an interest out there, for the first time ever, there’s growth happening to brighten the garden through the seasons, so behold, one of my beloved roses!

Garden 26th Nov 2013 002

And I found this little beauty nestled amongst some fallen leaves too..

Garden 26th Nov 2013 008

So, sad though I am to see the back of autumn, winter will bring Christmas, one of my favourite times of year, and it seems that for this year, I’ll still have enjoyment from my garden, too, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what it brings me out there..

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16 thoughts on “As Autumn Ends…”

  1. I too am learning to appreciate the change of seasons a little more too. Bring on done frost for great photo’s! Although if I could request that the snow (if it comes) waits until January and preferably arrives really heavily on a Friday so we can enjoy the weekend (oh, and preferably a weekend where we hadn’t got too much planned….) That’s not asking too much is it?!

  2. Beautiful images – I am not a gardener but this year have developed more of an appreciation for nature. Next year I am planning on making the garden my ‘project’ – I will be a complete beginner but the journey should be interesting!xxx

    1. Oh, that’ll be brilliant. I’m a novice, too, having only started our project this summer & I’ve so much more to do. Look forward to hearing about your journey x

  3. Love your photo’s! There are quite a few winter flowering plants you could get to create year round interest in the garden. Hellebores are lovely and are coming into their own over the next couple if months with pretty flowers x

  4. What a lovely post and yes, I think the more you’ve done in the garden in summer, the more inclined you are to keep an eye on it all through the darker months too. I love Autumnal colours and I’m also sad to see them fading but like you I’m looking forward to Xmas too. You have some lovely things growing there. x

  5. I must admit I have always found the Autumny Wintery times really dull times of the year – apart from the colourful leaves and Crimbo so I’m loving getting out and about and discovering all the beautiful things out there – even dying leaves can look stunning.
    Beautiful photos – and thank you for joining in again x

    1. Yes, me, too, but I find I’m starting to look at things differently, with fresh eyes, and it’s getting me to appreciate the seasons far more.
      Thanks for hosting x

  6. I have never really appreciated autumn before. This year I have really stopped and taken notice, and loved it! Winter is definitely on it’s way, but I’m actually looking forward to looking at it with new eyes too.

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