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As The School Year Ends

How are we already at the end of another school year? 

I distinctly remember having a chat with a friend in October, I can picture where we were at the time, talking about the end of the year and thinking it was ages away, and yet that chat feels like last week!

My daughter’s just finishing up Year 8, my son’s seeing out his last days of Year 5.

They’ve both had good school years.

school desk

We’ve had their end of year reports, and I couldn’t ask for anything more of them. My daughter did well in her end of year exams, my son has done well in his assessments through the year, and their reports tell us that they are both achieving well across all subjects.

My son’s school tell me that he’s an absolute pleasure to teach, he’s courteous, well-behaved and thoughtful. I read about a driven, positive attitude and a child who contributes well and is supportive of his classmates. 

My daughter’s report describes her as motivated, hard working, enthusiastic, talented and conscientious. All good adjectives! 

This year has seen my boy continuing to enjoy his sport, cricket and football mean a lot to him! 

My girl has loved having singing lessons, taking part in the school musical and being a part of the Gospel choir. 

Looking to next year, Little Man will be going into Year 6, his final year at primary school, and he’s happy with the teacher he’ll have, along with being in class with his friends. 

Boo has yet to find out who will be in her teaching group next year, but it seems each year gets easier for her and she appears to be quite relaxed about it all. 

They are growing and they are flourishing. They have great friends, they work hard at school, and they are good company at home. 

They are dealing with a lot right now, having a mum with breast cancer isn’t the easiest thing for kids to have to handle. Yet they are still doing so well and I am doing everything I possibly can to ensure that they still have a good year. 

I am very proud of these little humans that I grew, and I look forward to seeing what this next year will bring for them. With my son leaving school, it’ll definitely bring tears for me! 


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4 thoughts on “As The School Year Ends”

  1. My youngest has just finished year 11, her last in school and I remember chatting to her late last year thinking it was ages away but it flew over!
    It sounds like your two are doing really well at school. You have every reason to be proud. It will be a big year for them both next year, your Little man finishing primary school and I am guessing Boo starting to think about GCSE’s. x

    1. It really does fly, doesn’t it? I can’t believe your daughter’s finished Year 11, she only just turned 10!
      They are doing well, thanks, and yes, GCSEs chat will start! x

  2. My boys will be moving up to year 1 & year 6. It feels like only yesterday that they were both in nursery. Thankfully my son has his old year 4 teacher in year 6 so he’s very happy. He loves school. I’m not sure how my youngest will react to year 1 but it’ll be a good challenge for both of them.

    Well done to both of your children on their good reports xx

    1. It’s always great when they get a teacher that they’re happy with. I hope they both do well, and thank you x

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