As The Strangest Of Terms Ends

We have done it, we have reached the end of term! This has of course been the strangest of terms as we have homeschooled throughout.

The kids have been good, with only Little Man moaning at me from time to time, on the days when he was tired. We all have those days! They know that we work each day and they adjusted to their new routine quickly. They’ve needed the stimulation and the routine, it’s kept them going through the chaos and uncertainty surrounding them. Whilst I have wanted them to keep up with their school work, for me, the priority has always been their happiness and mental health, and giving them this structure has served that purpose.

Their school has set work throughout the closure, so we have covered that at the beginning of every week and then we have worked on topics and subjects that have interested them for the rest of the week. There have been reading challenges, themed activity days, science and humanities topics, arts and crafts projects, discussions and debates, Blue Peter badge applications aplenty, sports challenges, board games and books upon books upon books.

As I look back over the term, I can’t believe how much we have covered. I have so many pieces of work now and I don’t know what to do with it all. I’ve been so proud of the efforts they have put in, all of the work that they have covered, and it seems a shame that it’s only me that’s seen it and then it’ll be binned. Maybe keep it in a time capsule for them?? I don’t know!

They have enjoyed working together, and we found a rhythm that works for us. I tended to work with Boo teaching her maths, whilst Little Man got on with some work, and then we’d swap over so I could support his learning. I have pushed and challenged them to get their minds working hard, and then I have mixed it up with fun or relaxing activities. I’ve been particularly impressed with how much Boo’s confidence and ability in maths has grown and I’ve loved seeing Little Man read more and more each day, choosing to do so himself in moments of downtime.

We will be having a summer break, no more home schooling, they have more than earned it and we all need it. I have days out planned, and fun at home and in the garden. I am looking forward to having more time to work whilst they play and then having the time to switch off from it all and enjoy spending time with them. The Husband is hoping to grab a few days off work, so it’ll be great to all spend time together.

Of course, as the term ends, my thoughts drift to the next term and what that might have in store for them. I hope that the return to school goes smoothly and that they both settle in with their new teachers quickly. They are missing their friends, but I think moving from months at home with me to being at school will be quite a shift for them. Of course school won’t be as they have known it before with the various measures in place, including them both starting and finishing at different times – the school run juggle should be fun!

And for me? I’ve got used to the sight of them sitting at the kitchen table, heads down, focused on their task. I’ve got used to the sight of them curled up on the sofa, reading their books every day. I’ve got used to the constant chatter and noise, and yells of ‘mum’ every five minutes. The house is going to seem very quiet when they go back to school. Herbie will be able to get some rest, I’ll be able to get plenty of work done, and we’ll soon adjust again. But I think I’ll miss the little giggles, the impromptu cuddles and the constant company. Ah well, we have a whole summer to soak up before then, so here’s to a wonderful break, these two deserve it.

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4 thoughts on “As The Strangest Of Terms Ends”

  1. It sounds like you have done an amazing job with them both but it has been a very strange term. I was lucky that my daughter was able to go back for the last two weeks of school but before that we kept a routine as I know that helped her deal with not being in school and worrying about COVID. I hope you enjoy your summer break, it sounds like you deserve it

    1. Like you, it was all about keeping a routine and structure for them, I know it helped them to deal with everything that’s happening. Have a great summer too!

  2. It really was one of the strangest school terms ever! It sounds like you had a good balance between school work and fun things. You should keep their work. It’s something special.
    I hope the return to school in September goes well too. I am expecting mine to feel anxious but excited to see their friends.
    I’ve had a couple of afternoons this week while my fella has been at work and the kids have been at the park and it has felt too quiet in here. Heaven help me in September when I’m alone all day. lol x

    1. I am thinking that I should at least keep some of it, something to look back on. I think anxious is to be expected, but I hope the pull of spending time with friends overrides it. It’s going to be so quiet!! x

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