As Year 4 and Year 1 Come to an End…

How are we here already?

My babies are growing up.

Boo is at the end of year 4. I wrote recently that we’re starting to think about secondary schools now, I can’t really believe we’re at this stage. From her first day in Reception, even her first day in nursery, this girl has loved going to school and that love has never waned. She loves to learn and she has a truly wonderful class full of children.

Little Man will soon be moving into Year 2, his last in KS1. It only feels like yesterday that I was struggling to settle him in nursery. You wouldn’t recognise that boy now. He didn’t enjoy nursery, he got emotional leaving me each morning in Reception, yet now he disappears into his classroom each day without a backward glance! He is confident and he has a great group of friends that he’s keen to see each day.

We had their school reports and parents evenings a couple of weeks ago. The end of year parents evenings are different to the other ones as the kids come with us and show us the work that they are most proud of and we have a brief word with the teacher. They were both so excited to show me what they had been working on and doing all year.

Their reports summed up their characters so well. Boo’s talked about how positive and confident she is, how passionate she is about learning, how she contributes to everything and listens carefully to others, and how kind, mature, thoughtful and polite she is. That’s my girl. Little Man’s talked about how he puts maximum effort into everything that he does until it’s up to his perfect standards, how quiet, confident and articulate he is, how thoughtful and kind he is, an excellent role model for others. That’s my boy. Well, at school anyway!

I want them to work hard and throw themselves into their learning. I want them to always be kind and respectful of others and their feelings. I want them to be the kids that other children trust in. They are, they absolutely are all of these things and more. I can ask no more, I am very proud of them both.

Today they will finish school for the summer holidays and we are all more than ready for it. They will probably be emotional when I pick them up later today, leaving their teachers always does that to them. But I think there will also be elation as they think of all that time off stretching before them. All of that time with Herbie (and me, but I know and accept that I come second to Herb) playing, reading, crafting, watching films, and snacking. There is always endless snacking in the holidays, it’s like they are never fed!

Well done, kids. Let’s see what Year 5 and Year 2 bring, but not for a while. The summer awaits.

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  1. Oh wow! How time flies. It only seems 5 minutes since your Little Man started school. They are both growing up fast! It sounds like they had glowing reports. You must be so proud. Have a fab summer x

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