Astley Book Farm

Astley Book Farm: My Favourite Bookshop

Earlier this week I took the kids to my favourite bookshop. In fact, as I think about it, it’s one of my all time favourite places to visit. I could lose myself in there for hours and hours, so I thought you’d like to have a little peek at it.

It’s in the Midlands, not all that far from us, and it’s called Astley Book Farm.

Astley Book Farm

It is, as the name implies, off a country road, up a rough track, surrounded by fields. I feel peaceful just by parking the car there!

They have an outbuilding called the Ten Bob Barn, with a room full of bargain books, all jumbled up, shelves begging to be perused. 

The main building is then jam-packed full of secondhand books. Jam-packed, I say!

Astley Book Farm Shelves

You wander in and walk into a room full of books, which then leads to another room full of books, then another, then another, and so it goes on!

There’s a huge fiction section, with authors A-Z, and they then have a separate sci-fi and fantasy area and rooms full of non-fiction. Upstairs, there’s also a children’s books area, and my two always find something they like there.

In addition to the rooms full of books, there’s also a cafe with delicious cake. Yes, like the books aren’t enough of a lure to visit, there is cake! Astley Book Farm cake

So yes, books and cake. What more would I really need? Now, if they could just sell a few house plants, too, I’d be there daily!

I don’t think I have ever left this place empty handed. I mean, how can you not find something you’d like to read with this many choices?

I do love taking the kids as I am always happy to encourage their enjoyment of books, and they always pick something up for themselves. But, if I’m honest, my favourite visits are when they’re at school and I can take a long, long, time browsing around, with no small person asking if I’m finished yet and can they have their cake now!

Astley Book Farm Children's Books

It’s my happy place, and as I write this, even though I just visited this week, I am already trying to work out when I can next go back there.

Can you see why this might be one of my favourite places? Would you enjoy visiting? 


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  1. blank

    I adore visiting books stores. We have some wonderful second hand book stores here in Denver. My favorite is the PRINTED PAGE. It is in a historical house, and is set up for a great experience checking out the shelves, sitting for a bit, and of course taking home treasures! I am certain I would like your favorite bookstore too.

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