at the beach

At The Beach

I like where we live. Most of the time. It’s handy being central, we can get to most parts of the country in 2 or 3 hours. But sometimes, sometimes, I wish we weren’t quite so far from the coast. A coastal trip is something we have to plan, we can’t just pop to the beach. And we love the beach.

Last week we were still isolating through part of the week so we had to cancel our planned break down to Dorset. The break I had booked months ago to ensure that we managed to get to the beach this year. Ah well, the best laid plans and all that! 

I still wanted to get us to the coast, so last minute I managed to get us a stay near to the sea over the weekend. Options were limited, everywhere is understandably booked up! I found us an overnight stay in Norfolk, near to Hunstanton beach, a place we’d never visited before.


We were excited. We called it our holiday! The kids wanted to find the 2p machines, I wanted to smell the sea air. And joy of joys, my sense of smell is returning and I did have a little waft of it!

We sat on the beach with our ice creams, we ate fresh fish and chips listening to the sea gulls, and the kids rocked those 2p machines (and by rocked, I mean they won a few tickets that got them some sweets – the dream!). We paddled in the sea, built sandcastles and mooched in rock pools.

at the beach

There’s just something about the British seaside. Maybe it’s because my childhood holidays were all spent in little seaside towns, usually Wales or the South West, maybe it’s all nostalgia for me. It tends to be about simple pleasures, from collecting shells (we have quite the collection now) to strolling along in the shallow waves. It relaxed us all. 

Fortunately, we do have another short break booked in, a few days to all enjoy together soon. Nowhere near the coast, though, but I think this was enough to keep us going until we next make it to the seaside.

What do you love most about a trip to the coast? 

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  1. I love the ocean. My spouse prefers mountain lakes. But the sound of the waves, playing in tide pools, imagining the diverse life under the surface that we can’t see from the shore… all of that feels so good to me. We’ll be headed to the ocean in just a few weeks! The Outer Banks (a string of islands off the coast of North Carolina, USA) are lush and beautiful. I haven’t been in years, so I’m excited.

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