Attempting Landscape Photography

We went up to Blackpool at the weekend, and actually had blue skies. It seemed a good opportunity to get the new camera out and practice a few landscape shots.

I took these..

Blackpool 018

Blackpool 019

Blackpool 026

I’m not loving them. You see now why the post is entitled ‘attempting landscape photography’?! I’ve looked back at other shots I’ve taken, before I was remotely aware of what I was doing…


And please excuse the blurring, but you get the idea…


These I took a couple of weeks back..



I’m thinking this is my area to work on! I find myself enjoying taking close up nature shots, as per last week’s lesson, and of course, I love capturing the kids, but I don’t tend to go for many landscape shots, so I’m really going to read, and re-read, Nik’s tips over again until they become ingrained and my photos begin to improve!

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12 thoughts on “Attempting Landscape Photography”

  1. I really liked the second shot-that came out terrifically. What setting did you use ? I never select a particular landscape setting. I mostly use the P setting-seem to get my best results that way. Sometimes the sunset setting too which makes the colours ping a bit more too.

  2. I think I also prefer the older shots, but that isn’t saying the new ones are no good. Sometimes when I’m trying too hard, my pictures don’t come out great, but the best ones happen totally by accident. That said, it doesn’t stop me experimenting with different settings, angles and professional’s tips. Either way, there’s no doubt that snapping away is a heck of a lotta fun! x

    1. I know just what you mean. I find it’s more when I’m having fun with it that the best shots come out, so I’ll keep playing!

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