Banana Skins for Feeding Roses

I love my roses. I have a fair few David Austin roses dotted about my garden now, and I’ve popped one out the front now, too, to climb up around the front door. I cannot get enough of them, and there is such a huge variety available, which makes me suspect that I’ll be buying more and more and more over time!

As such, I like to look after them. I’m always on the lookout for black-spot on their leaves, and whilst researching my natural garden remedies post, I discovered that if I feed them with banana skins it encourages bigger, better blooms. Apparently, the potassium in the soil is really good for them, so I thought I’d best get on it, especially given the amount of bananas the kids consume – I’m never short of banana skins here!

I kept hold of them for a few days, so that they’d started to decompose, then chopped them up a little so I could spread them out among all of my roses. I then dug a little dirt out by each of my roses roots, scattered a few peelings, and covered them back over. Simple!

banana skins for roses

I’m looking forward to seeing those flowers now!

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11 thoughts on “Banana Skins for Feeding Roses”

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  2. How easy is that?! We eat at least 12 bananas a week here and usually just chuck them in the compost. I will now begin adding them to our roses! x

  3. Wow – I love tips like this!
    Thank you, Jocelyn…
    I’ve only got a few roses, but it will be banannas for pudding tonight,
    and rose feeding tomorrow morning!
    Emma 🙂

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