Bathroom Renovation

Last week we finished our bathroom renovation and we are so pleased with it.

We can’t quite remember when we last changed our bathroom, but we know it was before kids and I wasn’t pregnant, so we’re saying it was 14 years plus. I’d guess 15-16 years ago. 

We were keen to renovate it and give it a fresh and updated look. 

We also wanted to try to create as much space as we could in there and add in more storage.

With the kids growing up, we are finding that we need more room in there. My daughter has her own products she likes to use now and I am sure it won’t be long before my son is the same. 

It’s not a big room, so we wanted to both give the illusion of it being spacious and for it to actually be more spacious!

We went for white tiles so that it would look light and bright, and the same with the floor.

We changed our bath to a shorter one giving us quite a bit more room. We tend to take showers more often than baths so I wasn’t too concerned about having a more cramped bath.

However, our new bath actually feels more roomy and comfortable despite it being quite a bit shorter. It’s been a win win!

We then opted for a wider sink, giving lots of space around it and nice big drawers underneath for storage. 

We paired the sink with a wide bathroom cabinet giving us more cupboard space and a nice big mirror that bounces the light around in there. 

We added three bright spotlights to the ceiling, rather than a centre light fitting and that’s beautiful and bright when we turn it on.

We have a fair bit more floor space now so we were able to add in a small table to store towels and bits and bobs and an upright caddy for various toiletries.

We then popped in a few shelves above the toilet, making the most of the available space there. We do have quite high ceilings, so where possible we like to make the most of that extra height.

What we lack in floor space, we can make up for by going up! 

We finished off all of the bright white with black fittings and fixtures and black grout. I like the contrast between the two. 

Then we accessorised with a few bamboo pieces of furniture, to soften the black and white. 

It’s given us a more useable space, more storage and it feels quite a lot bigger in there now. 

I like going in there and spending time in the bathroom! It feels like a welcoming space.

What do you think?

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