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Be Kind

Life does like to throw us all some challenges from time to time, and I think sometimes it can be easy to forget that. We all have challenges, we all have these moments, regardless of what social media might be telling you or what people choose to share.

And it is a choice. Some people do share their struggles openly, broadcasting it across Facebook or telling everyone they meet. Others keep everything locked up inside, quietly moving on through each day. And many of us operate somewhere in between the two of these ends of the spectrum.

This is something that has struck me recently, as I’ve spent time with friends.

I have a friend struggling with a bereavement.

I have several friends struggling with perimenopause.

I have a friend struggling with a family member’s mental health. 

I have several friends struggling with how best to support their kids at the moment.

I have a friend battling a life threatening disease.

I have several friends struggling with a family member’s ill health.

And I don’t think I have any friends who aren’t struggling with the cost of living crisis. 

I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the point. 

Nobody has it easy. Everybody has something they’re dealing with right now, this week. 

Be kind. Give people a little grace. 

It doesn’t cost a thing to take a moment to be well mannered to strangers, to offer a smile and some patience to those around you, to check in with your family and friends. 

They’ll appreciate it. A moment of kindness can light up someone’s day. 

“Acts of Kindness: A random act of kindness, no matter how small, can make a tremendous impact on someone else's life.”

Never assume that someone next to you has it better or worse than you. Just offer a little kindness every time. 

I think we are all aware of this one, we can all do it, we can all make someone’s day a little brighter today. If we have the power to do that, why wouldn’t we?

Are we as aware of being kind to ourselves? We are probably not so hot on this one!

Having a chat with a friend recently, she’s has a lot on her plate at the moment, all difficult and heavy stuff and yet she was giving herself a hard time over dropping the ball with something small.

Give yourself a break. 

book and tea

Take a breather. Take a moment to do something just for you, to recharge you.

It’s often in these times that we don’t rest, we keep pushing on as we want a distraction or we have too much to do.

My friends are all parents, they are all keeping everything together for their families and doing all they can to ensure their children are okay, so they pop themselves at the bottom of the priority list. 

Most of us do, and that’s often fine, but every once in a while we need to push ourselves to the top of that priority list. Even if just for an hour. 

Go do something you love. That might be something as simple as having a cuppa and a reading break or getting out for some fresh air with a friend. It doesn’t matter, just allow yourself the headspace to rest. Tell yourself you need it, and moreover you deserve it. 

Be kind. Be kind to others, and never forget to do the same for yourself. 

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