Beach, Buckets, Kites & Paddling

When we were in Cornwall, which you can read more about here, we had to make a trip to the beach. Living as we do in the Midlands, beach trips are few and far between for us, so any time we’re close to the coast, we’ll get there, rain or shine! We went over to Polzeath beach, which was brilliant as we could park right on it.

Polzeath beach

The Husband got the kite out as it was very windy, which he enjoyed, though the kids ignored him!

kite flying

Boo was all about the bucket and spade. It’s a requirement, isn’t it, when you go the the beach so rarely?

Boo at the beach

And Little Man absolutely loved paddling in the little stream..

Little Man at the beachBy doing so with him, I discovered that my wellies leaked, which while annoying at the time, was an excuse to go shopping to buy more 😉 And despite him falling over and totally soaking himself within 2 minutes of being there, he carried on and adored it, screaming when we had to leave (and fully change his clothes in the car!).

at the beach

It was cold, windy, and Little Man and I were wet, but we still all had fun! Now, I’m not saying that it wouldn’t have been better with warmth and no need for coats, though – one day we’ll have a trip to the beach just like that, one day…..!

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30 thoughts on “Beach, Buckets, Kites & Paddling”

  1. Is that you??? I have to admit that I havent really seen you Jocelyn! It is always us with the camera right? Dads and the kids are always in the photo. Nice to see you and nice to see you had a fun day! #countrykids

  2. I think a beach trip is brilliant whatever the weather. More likely to have the beach to yourself. Puddle jumping. How else can you find out you need new wellies? #CountryKids

  3. We had a very similar experience on Crooklets beach in Bude back in October (those Cornish beaches are pretty stunning, eh?!) but our problem was that JJ was the perfect age for a bit of rock-pooling whilst EJ just wanted to run off – sometimes towards the sea, sometimes back towards the car park – it was all a bit fraught! But still a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to going back there when he’s a bit older (and during the summer too although I’m sure it’ll be heaving!). I too bought new wellies whilst in Cornwall! #CountryKids

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