What Does Your Bedroom Say About Your Personality?

What does your bedroom say about your personality? Is this something that you’ve thought about before?

I do sometimes look around my home and wonder what it says about me, how it looks to others. Both the Husband and I are quite tidy, and neither of us are hoarders, so it’s relatively clutter-free and organised. I do like cosiness, so cushions, candles, lamps and lights are all over the place, but all in the right place, you understand?! The kitchen has as much clear worktop as I can create, with little on show. My desk space is clean and white, with splashes of colour and a little more stationery surrounding it than I strictly need. We then gave quite a bit of thought to the children’s bedrooms, making sure they had as much storage as we could fit in there, along with space to play, homes for their toys, comfortable beds and decor that they love. And then there’s our bedroom, which on reflection, is the room in our house that we have given the least attention to over the past few years, as we redecorated it, bought new furniture and moved it around when I was pregnant with Little Man, and we’ve not changed anything in there since. Hmm, now I’m thinking about it, it’s got to be time for a revamp, hasn’t it?

So it’s with interest that I looked at this infographic around your bedroom style….



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Does any of this ring true for you? It certainly does for me. We have no pictures on display in our home of us, and only a few of the kids, and yep, we’re over 35. I do have a messy sock drawer, but I would say I’m well-organised and orderly generally. Everything is always in it’s place, which fits, too, and we always make the bed, always! The day has to start right, right?!

What does your bedroom style say about your personality?

Disclosure: Written in collaboration with JD Williams

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