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Best Buys For Guinea Pigs

Our guinea pigs, Jessie and Leia, are coming up to four years old this summer. I can hardly believe they are that old and have been with us for so long, it has flown by. In that time, we have treated them to all manner of foods, homes and other products, so I thought it would be helpful to other guinea pig owners, or prospective owners, to share with you their favourites. Wherever possible I have popped the link into Amazon so you can check out the details and reviews and buy directly from there if it suits you (these are affiliate links). So without further ado, these are my best buys for guinea pigs, from their home to bedding to food to treats, it’s all here!

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Best Buys For Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Food & Treats

We feed them Supreme Science Selective guinea pig food. It’s a well-balanced food that ensures they get their nutritional needs met, along with their hay and fresh food daily. Both of our guinea pigs enjoy this and nibble away at it happily.

Their favourite food is spinach, without a doubt. They seem to eat it within seconds and it’s always the first food that they pick out if they are given a selection. They are also currently enjoying cucumber and green beans, and they go wild for dandelion leaves. I know some piggies enjoy fruit, but ours have never been interested when we have tried them on it, and I believe the veggies are better for them anyway.

If you’re looking to give them a foodie treat that also entertains them, then this forage cube is always a huge hit here. I would just recommend that you cut or break the cube sides before popping it in, or keep an eye on it, as Leia did manage to get stuck in hers the first time. She freed herself as I went to help her, but to be on the safe side, I break them now when I buy them.

Guinea Pig Home & Bedding

Our pigs started life in an outdoor hutch, then came inside in the largest indoor cage I could find, and then moved into their C&C cage. I wrote all about their new guinea pig home here. They now have plenty of room and I can’t recommend these enough. They have the space that they need, they are nice and high up, which also offers me storage space underneath for their things, and with no lid the kids and I are able to cuddle them freely and easily.

We have tried a lot of bedding over the months with these two. Currently they are on Megazorb which I pick up from our local pet shop, just a couple of minutes away, though they stock it on Amazon too. This seems to be the most absorbent and cost effective, as my two have a lovely large cage to fill.

If you’re looking for fleece cosies, then we have several of those too. They used to have them in their cage when I kept them on fleece bedding, but now they have them to come out and snuggle with us or sit on my desk.

Guinea pigs all like a hidey hut. It helps them to feel safe and dart somewhere under cover when they want to. We have this large dome and log roll, and both have stood the test of time and both are used by them every single day. They also have a little tunnel and they enjoy these balls to push around and nibble on from time to time.

That’s all of our favourites, the things that keep our pets happy. What treats do your guinea pigs love?

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links 

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