The Best Flooring For Your Child’s Bedroom

If you have children then you know that having carpet around the house, especially in their bedroom, can be a very dangerous game. Now, don’t get me wrong, carpet can be a great option for a child’s bedroom, it’s lovely and soft which is ideal if you have little ones tinkering about who are prone to taking a tumble! Carpet is also good for cushioning space, thus resulting in less noise – handy if your little ones like to stomp about like baby elephants.

If you’re not sold on getting rid of the carpet, that’s fine, but what if I told you that carpets are in fact a pool of bacteria. Yes, you read that correctly, carpets are an ideal place for dust, hair (human and pet) and mites to gather. Sounds vile, right? It’s also a problem if your children suffer from allergies or asthma, in fact, such exposure to dust and dust mites can trigger allergies and inflame asthma. Technically we all spend half of our time in the bedroom area, especially children who need to rest longer, so have a real think about what they’re breathing in whilst they sleep.

So, what are the alternatives? Well Luxury Flooring have a few in mind.


An obvious choice and one of the most popular! Although laminate can create a bit more noise than carpet, it’s incredibly easier to clean and maintain, which is great if your kids are messy (aren’t they all?). If you do crave the warm, homely feel that carpets give then why not accessorise with some rugs etc that can easily be removed from the room if your child is having an arts and crafts day.


Surprisingly, vinyl flooring is commonly used in bedrooms due to its durability, low maintenance requirements and resistance to moisture. It ticks all the boxes for what’s needed in a child’s bedroom and is slightly softer than laminate flooring, so it has a more homely feel for the bedroom environment. This is another material that is really easy to clean and keep on top of, making it ideal for the messy pups you may harbour!

Of course, the choice is entirely yours and as a parent you know what’s best for your child, but try to keep in mind the above pointers to create a hygienic, safe environment for your child.

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