Why A Betta Fish Is The Perfect First Pet For Kids

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Fish are awesome creatures to have in your home, which is true even if you aren’t a big fan of animals. Well, maybe your child has been begging you for their first pet, or maybe you think that a pet will do them some good. You may have thought about getting a dog or cat, but those can be boring and overplayed.

So, what is the right first pet for your kids? It’s been suggested that a great first pet to get for your kids is a Betta fish. So let’s talk about why a Betta fish is the perfect first pet for your kids!

Why A Betta Fish Is The Perfect First Pet For Kids

1. They Are Easy To Care For

One of the biggest reasons why a Betta fish is the perfect first pet for kids is because they are fairly easy to take care of. Yes, fish do need a certain amount of maintenance, but as far as pets go, especially fish, the Betta fish, generally speaking, requires a very low amount of maintenance to keep happy and healthy.

Of course you don’t want to get a pet for you kids that they won’t be able to take care of, or at least one which you need to dedicate lots of time towards. A Betta fish is a nice beginner fish that you can take care of even when your kids can’t or won’t, thus making your life just that much easier. A Betta fish doesn’t require much maintenance in the long run.

They need to be fed, the aquarium needs to be cleaned every now and then, and that is really about it. A protein skimmer can make cleaning the tank much easier, but even that is not really necessary. They make for a good first time pet because keeping them healthy and happy is much easier than say with an animal like a dog or cat. This will let your kids have their own pet without actually having to do that much, something that is definitely ideal when it comes to kids.

2. They Are Inexpensive To Keep

Another thing which makes a Betta fish the perfect first pet for your kids is the fact that they are fairly inexpensive, especially when compared to other animals. To get started, all you need is a Betta tank, some substrate, a few plants, a bit of Betta fish food, a filter, and of course the fish itself. A single Betta fish is not very expensive, and neither are any of those other things you need.

Compared to a dog that eats a lot and requires expensive trips to the vet, a Betta fish is definitely much cheaper. They don’t eat much, they don’t need vaccinations, and the equipment for the Betta fish tank is not all that expensive either. This is good for a first time pet because you never know how things are going to go.

If the Betta fish does happen to be a bust and if your kid loses interest in it, at least you didn’t spend a fortune on it. It’s a cheap way to give your kids a cool pet without having to drain your bank account. Just buy a Betta tank and the other necessary items, a good amount of fish food, and you won’t have to spend any additional cash for a good time to come.

3. Kids Love Them!

A nice little aquarium makes for an eye catching item that will draw in your kid’s attention. They will spend hours upon hours watching those little guys swim around, and your kids will have a ton of fun the whole time.

Betta fish are very colorful and they definitely add a certain amount of class to any room in your home, especially a child’s room. Even better is that animals like dogs and cats can actually get annoyed with little kids, something which is not ideal. Well, your kids won’t be able to touch the fish or annoy it to the point where it dislikes your children, yet another bonus!

4. A Relaxing Learning Curve

Something else that makes a Betta fish an ideal first pet for your kids is the fact that they offer a great way of teaching your kids some responsibility. Sure, they don’t take all that much effort to take care for, as mentioned before, but they still need some maintenance. This is great for teaching your kids some responsibility and to slowly prepare them for the real world.

Children need to learn responsibility at a fairly early age, especially in this day and age where kids are expected to do and know more at an earlier and earlier age. Having to feed a little Betta fish and take care of its home is the perfect way to do this.

There is also the fact that aquariums, the noise and light that come from them, can actually be quite relaxing for your kids. It can serve as a great sleep aid, and even better, as a way to calm them down when they are in a temper.


As you can see, a Betta fish is a great first pet for your kids for many different reasons. They are really fun to have, they are relaxing, can serve as a sleep aid, are easy and inexpensive to take care of, and will teach your kids some responsibility too! If you are still not convinced a fish is the right option and you prefer fluffy animals then what about a Guinea Pig? 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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  1. We have two cats, a dog and a hamster and none of them are very suitable pets for our baby. The cats won’t tolerate her, the dog is too big and potentially dangerous and the hamster is too fragile. I think a fish is perfect.

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