The ‘Big Boy’ Bed, With Noa & Nani

Little Man is now 25 months old, and so my thoughts have recentlyย turned to moving him from his cot to a bed. A big milestone for him, so I wanted to get him something special. I had a little look over at Noa and Nani, and it was actually their amazing cabin beds that initially caught my eye. They are just fabulous looking (do go take a peek!), and I was so, so tempted to get one, but realistically, a bed much nearer to the floor made sense for a first bed, as I have no doubt that my little climber would come a cropper if he was up high! So, a bitย disappointed that he couldn’t have one, I mooched about further and I spotted this beautiful Hove Day Bed…..


So sweet, nice and low, and with the huge added bonus of a trundle bed underneath. Little Man has the smallest bedroom in our house, and whilst it’s still a good size, thinking to the future, a trundle bed will be perfect for him having mates over to stay. Oh, and of course Boo is already asking to sleep in there with him! So decision happily made, we just had to wait, and show pictures of the bed to Little Man, to get him excited, rather than anxious about the change.

On the bed’s arrival, I did double-check with the delivery men that I had enough boxes, as it was just 3 relatively small packages, along with the mattresses which came all rolled up. I’d expected it to take over the hallway, but it was fine, and could be kept out of the way until we had a chance to assemble it.

Each package was light enough to be carried up the stairs without a problem, and every item was present and correct. It took the Husband just over an hour to put it together, and it was pretty simple to do, with a reassuringly thin instruction booklet!

noa and nani bed being assembled

It was put together with the ‘help’ of two little people as well, as they couldn’t be tempted away from such a fascinating activity. Though it did mean that literally the second that it was ready, they were both in the bed! I took it as a sign that he liked it! Little Manย had helped me to choose new duvet sets ready for it, and the first one we have on is lots of brightly coloured transport on white. So here’s the bed, all ready, what do you think?

Noa and Nani Hove Day Bed

I love it! The white looks clean and bright, and it’s actually lower than I thought it would be, which reassures me in case Little Man falls out, and it really opens the room up after having a cot with high sides in there. Putting it together was easy, and it looks so stylish. Every time I walk upstairs now I smile when I look into his room! And, more importantly than all of this, he does go to sleep in it!!

Alongside sorting the bed, I knew that it was time for the nursery decor to go and be updated with some fresh little touches. It’s mad me a bit sad and nostalgic, as it’s the same Mamas and Papas Gingerbread range that Boo had. It’s been here for five years, so it does feel strange to be taking it all down, but times do change and move on.

I went for bright and bold colours, that I’m hoping will grow with him. We ensured the curtains are blackout, as well as the blinds behind them – we’re no strangers to this parenting malarkey! My mum, is a very handy seamstress, and so we have matching name bunting, curtain tie backs, and a lampshade thanks to her. There’s plentyย of wardrobe and storage space, thanks to Ikea, and I adore the picture of Little Man’s first painting...

Little Man's decor

Oh, and while Boo is delighted and very happy for Little Man, she has expressed some interest in having new things for herself, of course! Now, she is a big TMNT fan, and Noa and Nani have a fab range that I suspect she’d love…..

teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-cabin-bed-with-slide-and-tent-in-tmnt-design-noa and nani
Something for everyone!

Do you like the bed we went for? If you do, I have good news for you. I have one Noa and Nani Hove Day Bed available to give-away to one of my very, very lucky readers! Entry into the competition is through commenting and using the rafflecopter below, and it’s open to UK entrants only. Competition closes 10th November 2014, good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What product do you love from the Noa and Nani range?

Disclosure: I received a bed FOC for the purposes of writing this post, though all words and opinions remain my own.

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261 thoughts on “The ‘Big Boy’ Bed, With Noa & Nani”

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  2. Oh it would be a toss up between the Knights & Castles and Pirates cabin bed with slide. Both are awesome. We’ve actually be looking for one for my nearly 4 year old as it’s almost time for him to pass his toddler bed on to his younger brother. I’d not heard of Noa & Nani before but how reasonably priced??!! They seem to cost a fortune everywhere else. I have them bookmarked now.

    1. They are fab, aren’t they? I couldn’t believe the prices and amazing range when I first found them, too. They are now my one-stop bed shop!

  3. I have never heard of them before, but wow! Their beds are fabulous! I would love Butterflies Butterfly Canopy bed for my gorgeous little lady but I do love Noa and Nani Hove Day Bed too for my little man whose cotbed has just started falling apart and he is more interested in climbing into his big brothers bed!

  4. I would love the Army Cabin Bed for my son, with the slide, what an amazing way to wake up in the morning!!! also a very good price!

  5. I love the cabin bed with the slide, I would have loved this when I was little. Actually I’d probably love it now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I love Hello Kitty & Princess Fairy Tale for my granddaughter,but they are all lovely & very reasonably priced too.

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  8. Noa and Nani dorset single – looks ideal. I bought a metal framed bed for my daughter less than five months ago from Argos and it has buckled in the middle. Very disappointed!

  9. The cabin beds are amazing but I think you’ve made the right choice – pretty, simple and very versatile with the extra bed underneath. I’d love something similar for my 21-month-old, and in fact we have the very same duvet cover waiting in the cupboard for him, for when we do get him a big boy bed!

  10. Gabrielle Powell

    I love the single Millie bed in white with Trundle extra sleepover bed, very useful, and a simple classic design that will last for many years

  11. I am torn – I like the bed that you have – because it’s so practical and accessible but I also like the high cabin beds with the ladders – because our eldest needs to move into a small room and we need to put lots of space underneath it for storage and a wardrobe of some sort! So, that’s my thinking. I’d love to win this because it would mean we can put the boys into their own rooms quicker – will force me and Lovely Bloke to get on with it !!!!

  12. I love the blue cabin bed – it offers endless possibilities for play scenarios (house, boat, caravan, shop, theatre and many others that a grown up can’t think of!) and would be a fantastic den for my nephew

  13. Oh my I totally want this bed! The Girl has just worked out how to climb out of her cot and does it about 50 times at bedtime – getting worried about her falling and hurting herself with all the clambering. This would be perfect! And I love the trundle bed too!

  14. I love their Canterbury Dining Table, all those variations mean you can find just what you are looking for ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Loving the Fairy Bed Tidy in Design Bed Organiser. My daughter always takes loads of toys to bed then ends up rolling on top of them. This would keep things tidy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I like the cabin beds (honestly any but i think A would love a pirate cabin bed think of the fun!) my brother had one growing up and he loved it a lot. i was always a bit jealous as had a bunk bed with my sister, we kept changing from bunked to single every now and then to make up for it!!

  17. they are all lovely but the bunk beds would be a treat as I have three boys in one room this would definatley make more space for them lovely giveaway

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