The Big Sister

My girl adores her little brother. She has since the moment he arrived in her life, when she was 2 years and 11 months old. It’s a love that seems to grow every day. I find it remarkable that he doesn’t irritate her more than he appears to, as he is often playing with her toys, messing them up, begging her to play things when she’s otherwise engaged, taking over her TV viewing – you know all the things that little brothers do! But no, she very rarely loses her temper with him, and most of their time together is spent giggling and conspiring.

The moments that I enjoy the most, are the ones when she’s taking care of him. It’s the little things. When she comes home from school, they both sit at the bottom of the stairs to take their coats and shoes off, and she always assists him with his. I love that she does this, and I love that he looks up to her and has come to expect her to help him. We got caught in a blizzard the other day, and Little Man was scared and upset. Boo reassured him he’d be OK, explaining what was happening, stroking him soothingly. He advised me earnestly, after calming down, that Boo had looked after him.

And then she teaches him. Whether it be a new game that she’s showing him, words that she slowly enunciates just for him so that he can understand and repeat, or dance moves to her favourite songs…

little bunnies

They were ‘dancing’ here to Hop Little Bunnies, which starts with the little bunnies sleeping, so Little Man duly copied Boo in all of the actions.

I love times like this. He looks up to her, she passes on her knowledge to him. Now, don’t be fooled into thinking that he plays a subservient role to her all-knowing, wise, 5 year old self. Oh no, there is resistance if he’s not keen on her ideas! But, by and large, he goes along, eager to share in whatever his big sister comes up with. Into imaginary worlds, where only the two of them really understand what’s happening.

These are the little moments that I can see diminishing over time, until they are mere whispers at the corners in my mind. These will be the little moments that the children are unlikely to ever even remember. But the sibling love, the bond, I hope that stays with them both forever, and I have the privilege of watching it grow.

the ordinary moments

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34 thoughts on “The Big Sister”

  1. I love reading little snippets about people’s lives in this Ordinary Moments linky – such special times to remember. As you say, this moment won’t last forever. Treasure it x

  2. Ah this made me feel a little emotional as I have the same with my girls. They argue and it seems to be getting more prevalent every day, but for the most part they adore each other. And it’s the little things, I agree, like when my eldest helps her sister- they make your heart just beat that little bit faster don’t they? And your words about them going slowly over time made me feel emotional- we need to enjoy every moment. A sibling bond is just so special. x

    1. Yes, it’s the little things, the ones that can easily be overlooked, I think, that are so special. The things they do every day with each other that I just adore seeing, and want to try and remember. Thanks for hosting and prompting me to record them x

  3. Ah this reminds me so much of my two! Tiger copies everything Cherry does and they are always lying on the floor like this! After a year of her not adjusting to him very much they are such good friends now which makes me so happy! x

  4. A beautiful recollection, lovely that they get on so well. My children have a similar relationship only my daughter’s patience is tested regularly!

  5. Gorgeous-they do have a very special relationship, having seen them together. It’s lovely to see the younger one looking up to the big sister isn’t it. My two mostly get on, although it would rarely occur to my eldest to help her little brother (after all, that’s what I’m there for, it would seem!)

  6. Aww that’s just so lovely – and such a gorgeous picture of the two of them together. She sounds like she’s a great big sister to one very lucky little brother!

  7. This is such a lovely post. It’s brought back so many memories of my little brother and I as kids. I remember teaching him things and looking after him at school, but I also remember having MUCH less patience with him than your daughter seems to with her brother! It must be wonderful as a parent to see them buddy up like this.

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