The Birthday Surprise

It was Boo’s 5th birthday on Friday. As it was the first one she’d had on a school day, we agreed with her that when she got up, she’d open just a couple of presents and cards, and she would then be coming home after school to a little birthday tea with close family and that’s when she’d open the rest of them. I was impressed with how good she was with this, especially given how excited she’d been in the run up to the big day, and the fact she was up from 3am on her birthday! So she went happily off to school, clutching a bag of sweets for her classmates and looking forward to ‘red’ day, wearing red and taking her red TMNT (Raphael, in case you weren’t aware!).

What Boo didn’t know was that Daddy had booked the afternoon off work, so that he could come and meet her from school with Little Man and I. But, let’s be honest, lovely though that was, it was nowhere near as exciting as the fact that Daddy would also be carrying a brand new Maxi Micro Scooter with him! It also just so happened to be one that Boo had designed herself, using their Create Your Own option, so when she thought we were messing about playing a scooter game on the computer, she was actually making her own dream scooter, and the dream became reality! As you can probably tell from this photo, she was pleased…

Scooting Boo

Her little face was just precious when she spotted it, and she shot out of the gates and was soon getting the hang of it. Of course, once home, Little Man was also very keen, so we had the two of them scooting up and down the kitchen as soon as pressies had been opened and cake consumed! She loves it, as do I, and I will be bringing you a full review of it tomorrow, too.

Do your little ones love to scoot?

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42 thoughts on “The Birthday Surprise”

  1. That’s brilliant! Our kids love to scoot. On mornings when my wife does the school run, all three of them scoot down to school – even two-year-old Kara, who then has to be driven to nursery.

    1. She was pretty pleased! Thank you, she does seem so grown up all of a sudden! She had a fabulous day, and the celebrations and treats continued all weekend! xx

  2. It’s such a good idea to get her to design her ideal scooter without being aware that it would actually be made in to the real thing! She looks so happy!

    Emma |

  3. Lucas says – What an AWESOME present and how cool that you got to design it yourself. Hope you had a MEGA COOL day and ate loads of birthday cake! #whatsthestory

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  5. Hello there, what a fantastic idea, I had no idea you could create your own, that’s great! Our little boy had a scooter the Christmas before last, it came with a removable seat so he sat on it until he grew tall enough to ride it properly, and he does indeed love to scoot! x #magicmoments

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