Bistrot Pierre Review

We were invited to visit Bistrot Pierre over the weekend, our first time visiting, and it won’t be the last. Let me share with your our Bistrot Pierre review. 

We had a 12.30 booking and arrived to a restaurant with a few tables filled, yet by the time we left it was packed. It’s fortunate that our kids like to eat early!

Bistrot Pierre

Bistrot Pierre Review

We often visit restaurants where there are activity packs available for the kids. My two love them, and expect them now whenever we eat out.

They tend to be a sheet or a page or two, we had not experienced anything like the wonders of Bistrot Pierre’s activity pack!

Boo couldn’t get over it, and considering that she is a child that likes her food, we had to persuade her to set it aside when her meal arrived!

Bistrot Pierre

Bistrot Pierre

The booklet has the menu on and then has seven, yes seven, double page spreads to be getting on with.

From teaching the kids basic French to word-searches to Spot the Different to a Where’s Wally style Ou est Pierre? they really have thought of everything and packed it in, keeping it all within the Bistrot Pierre theme.

The service was spot on, not long waits, yet without feeling like we were rushed. And to be honest, it could have been a long wait as the kids were engrossed anyway!

The menus offered something that little bit different for all of us.

The children’s menu, or Le Menu Enfants, was not the normal chicken nuggets, fish fingers and sausages affair which was a refreshing change, though it still offered tempting meals for kids and got my children choosing things that don’t ordinarily choose when eating out.

Little Man opted for a cheese omelette which comes with fries and salad and gasp, he actually ate the cucumber, first time ever!!

Boo went for macaroni cheese, again served with fries and salad, though alas, the cucumber did not tempt her!

Other offerings on their menu were a burger, fish goujons, roasted chicken breast and a Croque Monsieur, so plenty of variety there.

I’d say that whilst they enjoyed their meals, it was the desserts that really had them, which is always the case with my two. Little Man had strawberry ice cream and Boo had Coupe Fraise consisting of strawberry ice cream, strawberries, crushed meringue, mini marshmallows and strawberry coulis. She declared it ‘scrumptious’!

Priced at £6.50 for a main, dessert and drink, I feel it’s good value.

Bistrot Pierre

With the kids happily tucking in, the Husband and I could enjoy our food.

He went for the steak whilst I opted for one of the specials, cod wrapped in ham in a bernaise sauce. Delicious.

Of course, we joined the kids in having desserts, taking the chance to sample the chocolate torte and the adult version of Boo’s dessert – it was so good!

Bistrot Pierre

Bistrot Pierre

Our Thoughts:

Well, Boo says she now wants to eat at Bistrot Pierre every weekend – does that tell you enough?! She absolutely loved it and I can see why.

The staff were very attentive, granted they were aware that we were reviewing, but I saw them offering that same level of service, chat and friendliness all round the room.

Prior to visiting, I’d also mentioned we were going there to a few friends and every one of them that had visited couldn’t sing their praises enough.

Somehow Bistrot Pierre manage to give adults that grown-up feeling with elegant surroundings and fresh food prepared to a high standard, whilst still offering up a child-friendly menu and experience. It’s a tricky balance yet they have got it just right here.

The Husband and I felt as though we were fine dining, whilst the kids had, without doubt, the best activity pack we’ve ever seen in a restaurant keeping them engrossed throughout our visit, and they ate up everything on their plates. It felt like a win all round.

We will be back. And in the meantime, we are recommending it to everyone and are so pleased that they invited us along as we have now discovered a new favourite local haunt.

Disclosure: We were commissioned to review, but all words and opinions remain my own


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18 thoughts on “Bistrot Pierre Review”

  1. This looks and sounds like a wonderful place to eat for all the family. The food does indeed look scrumptious!
    It sounds like they have got the balance between fine dining and child dining spot on x #TriedTested

  2. It makes me feel hungry just reading your review!
    I think it’s always great to see member that offersomething bit different for children – not all children want beans and chips!
    As for the kids pack, 7 pages is great! It’ll certainly keep the kids entertained and happy.

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